Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Races in Review

     I have not written a post in two & half months.  Not because I have not been running & racing, I have been.  I just cut out a few things to spend more time with my daughter.  Now I am sitting here trying to figure out a way to write about nine different races.  "oy vey".

Summer Races in Review

Run for Alex
Course- 5 (awesome hill)
Stuff- 5 (I won a door prize two years in a row!  This year I won a tattoo)
Fun- 4 (it was too damn hot)

Alpha Fitness 5k
Course- 4 (love the trail, but it is an easy run)
Stuff- 3 (some dude won like 4 of the door prizes, FIXED!)
Fun- 3

Peace, Love, Run Half Marathon
Course- 3 (North Park Lake Loop, I've ran it soo many times)
Stuff- 4 (Tech shirt, finishers medal)
Fun- 3 (race was over priced)

Groundhog 5k
Course- 4 (Seems easy, but it's NOT!)
Stuff- 4 (cool medals, but I didn't win one)
Fun- 5 (Fair, bands, food!!)

Ellwood City 10k
Course- 4 (hills)
Stuff- 3 (I'm wearing their shirt right now)
Fun- 4 (Craft show, music, fair food!!)

Race to the Moon 5 mile
Course- 5 (it is at NIGHT)
Stuff- 4
Fun- 5

5k to Fight Decay
Course- 4 (a lot of hills)
Stuff- 3 (white cotton shirt w/weird tooth)
Fun- 3

Herb's Hayride Lap Race
Course- 5 (there was some mud...)
Stuff- 4 (tractor trophy)
Fun- 4 (I had to leave before the corn roast & food)


P&LE Express 4 mile (this is one of MY races)
Course- 4 (trail is great, but flat)
Stuff- 5 (tech shirts, everyone got a medal)
Fun- 4



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