Saturday, August 30, 2014

For the Love of Lindsey 5k, take 4.

     Not my favorite race.  Always too hot.  Four years, four 90 degree days.  WTF.  The race is growing on me.  I don't like that they only do top 2 in 10 year age groups.  But at least now I know so I don't have to wait around. 
     No sooner had I parked and started making my way across the lot when someone yelled "hey Mr. Brunazzi".  Which is kind of weird... I mean, I'm not a teacher and I'm not old.. Well I guess I am getting old. 
     I signed up and then ran into Chris B. & Emery S.  The race started a little bit a late because of a new kids race this year.  While I stood waiting for the start a girl said "hey, you blogged about this race, right.  I read it.  It was funny.  I totally agree with you".  Which is great, except...I don't remember what I
     My goal was to run the whole race.  No walking. No stopping.  As the race started some needed clouds rolled in taking the sun of our backs.  Didn't help with the humid though.  Somewhere along the course the top 4 runners missed a turn.   So part way through they rejoined from behind.  I thought they were doing a second lap of the course!
     I finished in 23:02.  Yes, I know if I would have ran just a little bit harder at the end...  Oh well, always next time.  I got 3rd in my age group.  No medal...grrr.

Brain Cancer Awareness 5k

     It is close to home.  That is what I kept telling myself at this weekend's race.  I guess it was my fault.  I expected a small race.  What I got was a circus.  This was the kind of race I would think should be in downtown Pittsburgh and labeled a "walk". 
     Parking was as far back as a mile from the race.  When I got to the end of the road there were a bunch of huge tents.  There were dogs (a lot of them), costumed characters, and little kid cheerleaders.  The huge tents were not registration, as most runners would think..."I say nay-nay".  Registration was in fact a little farther back in the woods at a shelter.  It was staffed by a ton of volunteers.  All of whom were happy to take my money but not sure what I should do with my now filled out registration form.  Five people later I was shown to the far back of the shelter where I was give a bib and chip. 
     I did not like this 5k.  The reason is because it was not a race.  It was a walk, that also had a running race.  The whole time it felt like the runners were a second thought to everything also going on.  And there was a lot going on.
     The course was the same hilly one from the 5k to Fight Decay.  The race director asked if I liked the tough course.  I answered with, "this is the third time I ran it".  The race director was the only one there that seemed to care about the runners.  I'm not sure if she had a hand in all the other stuff going on or it just got out of control. 
      There was too much humid and I crashed and burned.  25 minute + 5k.  BOO!!!   I did get 1st in my age group and a ribbon..... 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Races in Review

     I have not written a post in two & half months.  Not because I have not been running & racing, I have been.  I just cut out a few things to spend more time with my daughter.  Now I am sitting here trying to figure out a way to write about nine different races.  "oy vey".

Summer Races in Review

Run for Alex
Course- 5 (awesome hill)
Stuff- 5 (I won a door prize two years in a row!  This year I won a tattoo)
Fun- 4 (it was too damn hot)

Alpha Fitness 5k
Course- 4 (love the trail, but it is an easy run)
Stuff- 3 (some dude won like 4 of the door prizes, FIXED!)
Fun- 3

Peace, Love, Run Half Marathon
Course- 3 (North Park Lake Loop, I've ran it soo many times)
Stuff- 4 (Tech shirt, finishers medal)
Fun- 3 (race was over priced)

Groundhog 5k
Course- 4 (Seems easy, but it's NOT!)
Stuff- 4 (cool medals, but I didn't win one)
Fun- 5 (Fair, bands, food!!)

Ellwood City 10k
Course- 4 (hills)
Stuff- 3 (I'm wearing their shirt right now)
Fun- 4 (Craft show, music, fair food!!)

Race to the Moon 5 mile
Course- 5 (it is at NIGHT)
Stuff- 4
Fun- 5

5k to Fight Decay
Course- 4 (a lot of hills)
Stuff- 3 (white cotton shirt w/weird tooth)
Fun- 3

Herb's Hayride Lap Race
Course- 5 (there was some mud...)
Stuff- 4 (tractor trophy)
Fun- 4 (I had to leave before the corn roast & food)


P&LE Express 4 mile (this is one of MY races)
Course- 4 (trail is great, but flat)
Stuff- 5 (tech shirts, everyone got a medal)
Fun- 4