Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Greater Allegheny 5k

     This race was a huge let down.  I had heard some bad things about this race in the past from friends.  But since it was the 4th year for it, I thought they would have all the bugs worked out.

Things that I liked about this race:
-It was not a far drive. 10 minutes.
-My time improved from the last 5k.  (22:55)
-girl at the registration was cute

Things that I didn't like:
-Car on the closed course with an upset driver
-the only awards were for the top male and female
-no age groups awards
-they started pulling the raffle tickets before the walkers were finished.

     The course was so-so.  Needed volunteers to keep the cars off the course or to let them off the course if they got there.  Race was priced too high for what you got. 
     I had a good run.  I focused on pacing myself this time.  I showed a big improvement from the week before.  There were not a lot of runners there.  I know that I finished 12th overall, but the results are not posted yet. 
     I guess all in all, I expected a better organized race.  Would I run it again?  Maybe.  They might just improve it.

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