Monday, March 3, 2014

Frostbite 5k

     Since I'm addicted to running, I decided to race with the ribs that I bruised last weekend.  There is a fine line between dedication and stupidity.  I run on that line. On and by the way, no photos.  I forgot my phone.
     I arrived at the race an hour before the start.  The lot was already getting full so I parked down the road and walked up.  The registration was on the bottom level of the Rose barn.  It was.. one big line for pick up and race day sign up.  It was a mess.  30-35 people deep in one line.  When you get to the front of the line the pick up was divided by the alphabet in half..."by your first name".  I left the line after waiting 15 minutes and just walked over to the race day sign up.  There were too many people and too little space.  I was starting to freak out. 
     Signing up was on half sheets of paper.  This makes it hard to fill in and hard to hold in place.  Saves a few cents though...right?  No extra shirts at this point.  Not that I need any  I got my timing chip from Bonnie, then made my way to the restroom.  I went back to the car and downed a GU energy gel.  Sat for a few minutes and wondered why I do this to myself.  This was going to hurt.  No way around it.  I took my coat off, locked the car, and made my way to the starting area.
     I got to the finish line first.  Talked to Herb for a minute.  He was going to open a gate part way out on the course.  I volunteered to take care of it.  
     I walked around for a bit.  Now it was about ten minutes before the start at 10am.  Only a handful of runners were there.  Where was everyone??  I could see them walking into the boathouse parking lot and then they stopped.  They were doing some kind of speeches.  I hoped it wouldn't take long.  It was cold.  I talked to two guys who started racing in April of last year.  This was their 4th or 5th race.  I don't remember which.
     Twenty minutes later it was time to start.  One of the local new stations were there with a camera filming the start.  Maybe I was on TV? 
     I did the best I could.  The two ribs were hurting.  I got to the turn around and walked for a few seconds.  Put my hands over my head and started running again.  I kept running and walking.  I probably walked four times.  I had to.  I was guessing I was at 24 or 25 minutes.  I finished in 22:55.  Not bad.  I got 20th place and 6th in my age group.  No medal.
     After the race I helped Herb take off timing chips.  When the results for the first 250 people were done, I walked them over to the Rose barn and taped them up on the wall.  I told the DJ there to tell people about the results and I decided to head home.

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  1. I really wanted to run this one, but I wasn't able to. I'm glad it was successful though, I know the money was going to a great cause.

    Congrats on finishing though, had to be tough with the bruised ribs, and your time was great.