Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kittanning Rotary Winterfest 5k

     Ashlyn got a cold.  While I  was taking care of her, I knew that I was going to get her cold.  I did.  Only I got it worse.  The cold lasted a week and a half.  Toward the end of the cold I decided to run a race.  I was finally training again without shin pain and the cold stopped me.  I can't run if I can't breath.
     I drove up to Kittanning for what I believe is my 6th race there.  Same place, same course, always fun.  The YMCA up there puts on great races.  There was not many people there, maybe 30.  I guess the weather scared them off.  It was actually nice that day.  Sunny and 40.  The trail was snow and ice covered so it would be slow going.
     I was there to run with a group not race.  I told this to myself a couple times.  When the race started no one took off fast.  No leader.  There was 4 or 5 of us all running the same pace.  The race starts on the road, so this is a good time to pull out in front.   I took the lead and held it until the turn around.  But something wasn't right!  I ran a little more than stepped to the side and let two runners ahead of me.  I couldn't breath through my nose because of the cold.   I was sucking in air through my mouth coughing the whole time.

     I finished in 3rd place.  Could I have won?  I don't think so, but I would have made them work harder for the win.  When I finished the race the coughing was worse...and worse.  A few hours later at home.  My chest hurt.  Seems I bruised a few ribs.  :o(  The pain is "oh my god" bad.  The only thing that I can do for it is sit around, and that just doesn't happen.  I'm a always has to be working on something person and a single parent.  There is no down time or sick time. 
     Once I get better I'm excited to race again.  Any race suggestions?  I'd like to try new ones.

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