Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kittanning Fall Classic 10k

     So back around December of last year I decided that my running goals for the year would be to run a marathon and to race in more races than the year before.  I did in fact run a marathon.  But as you may remember I did not have a good time.  Looking back there is only one person to blame and it was not me.  As a runner you need someone to support you, back you in your goals, and push your butt out the door when it is freezing outside.  I did not have that.  I had someone that put me down, did not believe in me, and ignored me.  Would I like to try the marathon again.  Well, truthfully yes I would.  I think,... I know that I can do better.  The future is out there somewhere.
     Last year I ran in 37 races.  After my disappointing marathon, I focused on my other goal.  I got even less support for this goal.   No, that is not true.  I got no support.  I was told that I was racing too much.  That my goal was stupid.  I blocked out the negative and pushed forward.  Yesterday was my 43 race of the year.  How cool is that?? 
     This was my 5th race in Kittanning.  If you follow the blog, you know that I love their races.  The YMCA there does a perfect job EVERY time.  The races are not the biggest or the fanciest, but you get to run and go home without a hassle.  You should put one of their races on your to do list. 
  • Rotary 5k-February
  • Big Foot 5k and Half Marathon-April
  • Fall Classic 105/5k-November
  • Please check for dates/times.    
     I got a text an hour before the race.  I won't lie.  It shook me up a little.  I turned the phone off and tried to focus on enjoying the race.  That is why I was here.  I picked up my shirt and headed back to the car.  It was only 28 degree that morning.  Running along the Allegheny river is always cold.  So that 28 is more like 20.  Gloves, check.  Hat, check, Coat, at least to start.

     The 5k and 10k start together, so until mile 1 1/2 you have no idea who your races.  At that point I counted 4 people ahead of me.  I thought that I might be able to pass number 4, but the other 3 were way too far ahead.  I started getting hot, removing the gloves and hat.  It is amazing how quickly you warm up when your running.
     At the turn around I knew that I could not keep the pace that I was running.  My left knee (yes, the same problem!) was starting to hurt.  I slowed down and 2 women passed me.  I tried and tried to catch up with them.  I could see them the whole time.  But I was never able to.
     I finished in 46:32.  A lot better then I thought I would.  I got 7th overall and 2nd in my age group.  On a side note, I have got a medal in the last SEVEN races. :o

     So where is my next race?  Well it was suppose to be the Hot Chocolate 15k in Columbus, but with the divorce it is just not in the budget.   I got a free entry into the race.  However there is still gas and lodging to think of. 
      I have more running news, but it will have to wait.
Can you see the dinosaur?

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