Sunday, November 24, 2013

Just news

    Well I have a lot to say, hopefully I remember everything.   Let me start with yesterday.  I bought a used tread mill from a friend of a friend.  It is not that great, but it should get me threw the winter and back to running 5 days a week.  I miss that morning high and my miles have been suffering.

     I did not get to go to the Hot Chocolate 15k, which I knew was going to happen.  My daughter was home and I could not go away for 2 days.  Some things are more important then a free entry into a race.  I did get my free hoodie in the mail this week. :o)

    I realized the other day that I had not had fast food in 2 months.  On top of that I have gotten my caffeine cut back to where it was pre September.  I feel great!  Best shape of my so called life.
    For the next 6 months or so I will handing out samples of Emergen-C.  I have joined their "team".  If you want to try it come to a race I am at?  Where am I going to be?...Good question.  If your a race director and want samples for your race bag, email me.  They sent me a small starter kit with more cloths and samples coming.  A lot more...  Is it a big deal to be sponsored..."again"...I guess so, but when you race as much as I do it just comes with the territory.
    My life is starting to get back on track.  Every day is a new adventure.  I am excited for Christmas for the first time in a long time.  Not for me, but for Ash.  Most of her Christmas presents have been bought.  Yes, I know I am head of the game...but I'm a planner remember.  It is what I do.
    I was going to race a half marathon today in Fairmont,WV.  But if your thinking that weather kept me don't know me AT ALL!   I woke up in the middle of the night coughing.  A cold was starting.  I don't want to be sick for Thanksgiving, so I choose to stay in and try out the new-old treadmill.  I did 4.5 miles.     
    Let me end with letter that I received about the Boston Harvest 5k/10k.  It made my day.

"Hi Shane. I just read what you wrote about your race. I was the guy in line. My bib number 157. My wife, myself and my nephew ran your race since you started it and will continue until you stop. I have a lot of respect for what you do. My son wrestled for ringgold and I had to run a couple wrestling tournament with 600 wrestler and they where bracketed every five pounds in 4 different age brackets. Anyways it tough. When you got up on that truck you had my attention. There is something about your family that I really like and since I don't know you personally I'm not sure what it is, but you got it. you have a great race and I hope you never stop. Your good at what you do and I appreciate what you do. I would miss your race if you stopped. So please keep up the great work and aways think positive. Your running friend Bill."

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