Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Farmer's Inn Half Marathon

     I got up at 4:30am to do my first race in months.  Why haven't I been racing?  Simple.  The personal issue that I talked about in my last post set me back a little bit.  It made life more difficult and stressful.  BUT...I'm working on getting through it.   I have three more races planned and I hope to get things back to a new normal.  If you know me, then you know what happened.  If you don't...well...it is personal, ya know.

     I had to go to this race.  I had been planning on going since last Christmas.  It is a very difficult race, but I like challenges.  The best part is that they include a free buffet after the race.  Yum!
     I really hated going to the race alone, mostly because of the two hour drive up, but I could not find anyone brave enough.  I put the windows down and cranked up the music.  Of course, I was one of the first people there.  It seems like that always happens.  I am either the first or the last person to show up.  Weird...
     Bonnie from the timing company had some trouble finding my race bag.  Then I went and sat in the car with the heat on.  It was cold up in the mountains.  Last year's shirt was awesome and so was this year's!

     About a half hour before the race, I went and helped set up the finish line and then did a warm up.  While I was waiting I ran into Scott S, his friend from last year, and some lady dressed up like a ninja turtle.  Soon after we were all moved to the start line and informed that it would be a different course this year.  WHAT?!?

     This year it be an out and back using the second half of last years course.  Apparently they are working on a bridge and we can not cross the water.  I walked a lot of this part of the race last year, so I was happy to get a shot at it running.
     Here is the problem though...With my personal issue I have not been training.  Running yes,...training no.   Running was more of a way to deal with the stress and I did not push myself nor put in enough miles.   The most I have ran was five miles at one time in two whole months.  I knew that I would probably have to walk some or most of the race.

     When I started I was going too fast, I quickly slowed up and set in on a comfortable pace.  This was no PR run.  This was an "I can finish" run.
     I was running for a short time when I thought, geez this must be two miles by now.   I looked at my Garmin and saw 3.8 mile.  WHAT!  I was kicking butt.  This was a huge morale boost.  I kicked it up a little bit and got to the turn around at 6.5.  I stopped to fill up my water bottle.   My legs felt like jelly.  I was worried.  I told Jim from the timing company that I was not sure that I could finish.  He said sure you can, just go easy on the hill at mile seven.
     I jumped back into running and started cheering folks on as I passed them.  Really, I was not cheering for them, but trying to motive myself...to finish.  I pushed on moving quickly and even ran most of the hill at mile seven.  I just walked the top part, maybe 10-15 seconds and then kicked myself back into gear.

     Somewhere around 8 or 9 I finally caught up with some other runners.   It was nice to talk to someone and pass the time.  At 10.3 I realized that I could get a good finish time if I just pushed myself.  It was only a 5k left.
      I got to 12.2 before I ran out of steam.  I slowed down a bit and finished in 1:47:42.  A much better time then I thought.   It was my 10th half marathon, all under two hours.  I was 15th out of 41 and I got second in my age group.

Mile 1- 7:14
Mile 2- 8:15
Mile 3- 7:48
Mile 4- 8:25
Mile 5- 8:54
Mile 6- 8:12
Mile 7- 8:07
Mile 8- 9:00 (the big hill)
Mile 9- 8:06
Mile 10- 8:28
Mile 11- 8:42
Mile 12- 8:20
Mile 13- ??  Turned the Garmin off early.

     Will I be back next year?   If I am still running....then YEAH!

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