Saturday, September 7, 2013

Henry's Hope 5k

     I rushed around when I realized that the race started at 8:30am.  It was 7:22am and I was not showered nor had I eaten yet.  I left the house nine minutes later.  When I got there, I saw only six cars.  There were two ladies with a stack of bibs standing at a single white table.  What had I gotten myself into this time...
     I walked up and asked if they were ready yet.  One of them asked if I was registered or not.  I said no.  As I was signing up they told me that there was not a lot of runners.  They also said that the winners (top m & f) each got a $50 gift card to True Runner.  I replied, "That won't be me". 
     I asked if the race started at 8:30am like's website stated.  They said no, it starts at 9am.  Great, I thought, I could have finished breakfast.
     While I was waiting I ran into Eric P who ran the Harvest 5k last year.  He always reminds me that the course was a little bit short.  I tried to relax and remember that this is just a run, not a race.  I have a 10k tomorrow morning, so I needed to take it easy.
     At the start line there were a few people who I thought might be fast.  However they had there bibs pined to their backs.  A sign that they were not racers.  When the race started I took off at an easy pace.  There was one guy behind me.  I tried to stay just ahead of him.  I expected to get passed at any point.  By mile one I was in a commanding lead.
     As we hit mile one & half I could see that the guy behind me was falling behind.  There was a kid in jeans! closing in on him.  After that was a big gap and then a pack of runners, including Eric.  I passed him and he told me that I had a good lead.
     By mile two I could see no one behind me, so I started to take it easy.  I probably could have PRed if there was someone to push me.   I finished the race in 21:57.  1st OVERALL!
mile 1:  6:33
mile 2:  7:00
mile 3 & the point 1:  8:20

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