Monday, September 2, 2013

For The Love of Lindsey 5k

     This was the third time that I ran this race.  It is always a difficult course because of the August heat.  Each year I do a little bit better.
2011 20th place, 25:20
2012 13th place, 22:51
2013 10th place, 21:45
      I'm not sure why I go to this race.  It is always too hot and they do weird award groups.  Only the top two overall and top two in each ten year age group.  I like doing race with the top three in each age group.  The only thing that the race has going for it is that is it close to home.
      Every year this race is really hot and humid so this time around I carried my water bottle.  Each year someone drops from the heat.  This year was no exception.  It is always some teenage that probably did not train right. 
      When the race started I was in 11th place.  I had looked at last years results and decided I needed 10th place to get a medal.  In the first mile I worked my way up to 9th place.   At mile two I made my play for 8th place but started to burn out.  Just then I got passed by the second place female.  That put me back in 10th place.  The humid was awful in the third mile.  But I was able to keep just ahead of the guy behind me.  I finished and went straight into the air conditioned fire department building.
       I waited around for the results and handed out race flyers.  When the results were put up, I was very excited.  I did get 10th place!   However I got 3rd in my age group, which means no medal.  I would have had to beat 21:06 to get a medal.   Geez.  Maybe next year.
 They did improve the shirt this year.

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