Sunday, September 8, 2013

FAAP Fall Classic


     Yesterday I won a 5k.  Today my legs are tired.  I really thought that I would do bad that this race with how my legs felt.  I was wrong.
      I drove to North Park for the 14th time since I started running to try out the FAAP Fall Classic 10k.   It is a trail race that starts on top of the hill near the pool.  I preregistered Sara and I, so we got shirts.  Sara's Garmin would not turn on before the race.  It will not take a charge anymore.  Time for a new one, I guess.
      When the race started Sara was ahead of me.  I caught up with her and told her that she was running a 6:25 pace.  She said "oops".  Then the race turned from road to trail.  It was little ups and downs with a lot of turns.  By mile two I settled into a comfortable pace with three people right behind me.  At mile three I moved over to let them ahead of me and I started to slow up a bit on a big hill.
      Around mile four a volunteer said that there was ten people ahead of me.  I had to pick it up.  I could use a ten top.  I pushed my pace and caught up with a group ahead me.  They had slowed down to climb a hill.  Okay, well a cliff.  I made it up without slipping back down.  It was scary, my was hugging the hillside.  My legs were shaking and I was not sure that I could get running again.  I walked for a few seconds, got mad at myself, and then took off. 
     I got close to the group again.  Six people running close together.  I also had one guy behind me in bright blue, but not close enough to be a problem.   Before mile five I could see two of the folks slowing up.  We hit a mostly flat access road and I made my move.  I was able to get pretty far ahead of them.  Then I was just trailing the other three.  But I was not sure how or when I could pass them and if I could stay ahead.
     I decided the that my best move was to hold out for the last minute.  The finish was up and around a hill, then back down and on to the road.  As so we hit the top of the hill, I started letting the down hill carry me.  I rounded the bottom and past one guy.   Then on the flat I floored it.  Three more to go.  I passed one more guy and closed in on the girl.   I flew past her before she knew that I was coming.  I did not get the last guy though.  He beat me by five seconds.  If I..if I ...if I ...
     I took 7th place with a time of 55:12.  After I finished Bonnie from the timing company, Miles of Smiles, needed help.  I jumped in to remove bib tags.  Sara has done this a once or twice.  It was nice to get to try it and help out.  I drink two bottles of water while I was helping.  Mitch R came by and I asked him if he could bring me another water since I could not leave the finish.  He bought me two bottles and I downed them both.
     Sara was having a harder time with the race.  I runner, who I did not know came into the finish and said, "Shane, I was running with Sara, she is having a tough time".  When Sara finished she laid on the ground for ten minutes.   Not sure what the problem was.  She normal does well at trail runs.
     In between the 5k and 10k awards they entertained us with ethic Filipino dancing.  They also gave out hand made bamboo awards.  I got first in my age group and Sara got third in hers.  I was nice to get something different.
     Over all a great race.  Some people got lost, but that happens in a trail races.

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