Sunday, September 29, 2013

Big Beaver Big Dawgs

     Back in December of 2012, I joined a local running club called the Big Beaver Big Dawgs.   There is no training runs, no fees, and no pressure.   Just show up at races and run.  To join you just have to get your picture taken with another Big Dawg at a race.
      A few days ago I finally got my Big Dawg's shirt and a towel that I was suppose to get at the Big Dawg's annual race.  It was the first and only race that I ever missed.  I was in the hospital, so I guess that is a good excuse.
Big Dawgs at the Boston Harvest 5k/10k

Columbus Hot Chocolate 15k/5k

     A few weeks ago I signed up to be an ambassador for the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k in Columbus, Ohio.  It is pretty cool to be picked.   They give me a running shirt to wear that day and a ton of cool swag.  Plus if I have 25 people sign up using my code, I win a free entry!  If you use the code you get a super awesome hot chocolate MUG added to your swag bag when you sign up.   The race looks like a lot of fun.   I'm glad it is November 17th, because I think a hot chocolate race in the warmer weather would be dumb.
      Take a minute and look into this race.  You don't get a plain white t-shirt.  You get an awesome hooded shirt.    Plus hot chocolate and other stuff.  The race is a little pricey, like most novelty races, but definitely worth doing once!!
 Columbus Hot Chocolate    
---race is over, code removed. :o)---

Monday, September 16, 2013

South Allegheny 5k

     I was trying to decide if I wanted to drive to Monroeville or just do a 5k in Liberty Boro.  With anything going on I really did not feel like running.  I have not been able to do any training doing the week.
     When I was driving to the race there was a lot of fog.  Because of this I was not able to see what would become the race course.  I signed up and then did a little run around the high school to warm up.  Star 100.7 was there with a prize wheel.  I wanted to find out how to play, except they were got by the time I finished the race.

      With the fog gone the race started.   Flat for about a tenth of a mile then it started to go up.  It was one long hill followed by one long down with three hills just like it.  The hills were more like mountains.  3.1 miles and only .2 of it was flat.  I got in second place in the beginning of the race and I was able to hold on to it.  Finishing in 23:32.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

FAAP Fall Classic


     Yesterday I won a 5k.  Today my legs are tired.  I really thought that I would do bad that this race with how my legs felt.  I was wrong.
      I drove to North Park for the 14th time since I started running to try out the FAAP Fall Classic 10k.   It is a trail race that starts on top of the hill near the pool.  I preregistered Sara and I, so we got shirts.  Sara's Garmin would not turn on before the race.  It will not take a charge anymore.  Time for a new one, I guess.
      When the race started Sara was ahead of me.  I caught up with her and told her that she was running a 6:25 pace.  She said "oops".  Then the race turned from road to trail.  It was little ups and downs with a lot of turns.  By mile two I settled into a comfortable pace with three people right behind me.  At mile three I moved over to let them ahead of me and I started to slow up a bit on a big hill.
      Around mile four a volunteer said that there was ten people ahead of me.  I had to pick it up.  I could use a ten top.  I pushed my pace and caught up with a group ahead me.  They had slowed down to climb a hill.  Okay, well a cliff.  I made it up without slipping back down.  It was scary, my was hugging the hillside.  My legs were shaking and I was not sure that I could get running again.  I walked for a few seconds, got mad at myself, and then took off. 
     I got close to the group again.  Six people running close together.  I also had one guy behind me in bright blue, but not close enough to be a problem.   Before mile five I could see two of the folks slowing up.  We hit a mostly flat access road and I made my move.  I was able to get pretty far ahead of them.  Then I was just trailing the other three.  But I was not sure how or when I could pass them and if I could stay ahead.
     I decided the that my best move was to hold out for the last minute.  The finish was up and around a hill, then back down and on to the road.  As so we hit the top of the hill, I started letting the down hill carry me.  I rounded the bottom and past one guy.   Then on the flat I floored it.  Three more to go.  I passed one more guy and closed in on the girl.   I flew past her before she knew that I was coming.  I did not get the last guy though.  He beat me by five seconds.  If I..if I ...if I ...
     I took 7th place with a time of 55:12.  After I finished Bonnie from the timing company, Miles of Smiles, needed help.  I jumped in to remove bib tags.  Sara has done this a once or twice.  It was nice to get to try it and help out.  I drink two bottles of water while I was helping.  Mitch R came by and I asked him if he could bring me another water since I could not leave the finish.  He bought me two bottles and I downed them both.
     Sara was having a harder time with the race.  I runner, who I did not know came into the finish and said, "Shane, I was running with Sara, she is having a tough time".  When Sara finished she laid on the ground for ten minutes.   Not sure what the problem was.  She normal does well at trail runs.
     In between the 5k and 10k awards they entertained us with ethic Filipino dancing.  They also gave out hand made bamboo awards.  I got first in my age group and Sara got third in hers.  I was nice to get something different.
     Over all a great race.  Some people got lost, but that happens in a trail races.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Henry's Hope 5k

     I rushed around when I realized that the race started at 8:30am.  It was 7:22am and I was not showered nor had I eaten yet.  I left the house nine minutes later.  When I got there, I saw only six cars.  There were two ladies with a stack of bibs standing at a single white table.  What had I gotten myself into this time...
     I walked up and asked if they were ready yet.  One of them asked if I was registered or not.  I said no.  As I was signing up they told me that there was not a lot of runners.  They also said that the winners (top m & f) each got a $50 gift card to True Runner.  I replied, "That won't be me". 
     I asked if the race started at 8:30am like's website stated.  They said no, it starts at 9am.  Great, I thought, I could have finished breakfast.
     While I was waiting I ran into Eric P who ran the Harvest 5k last year.  He always reminds me that the course was a little bit short.  I tried to relax and remember that this is just a run, not a race.  I have a 10k tomorrow morning, so I needed to take it easy.
     At the start line there were a few people who I thought might be fast.  However they had there bibs pined to their backs.  A sign that they were not racers.  When the race started I took off at an easy pace.  There was one guy behind me.  I tried to stay just ahead of him.  I expected to get passed at any point.  By mile one I was in a commanding lead.
     As we hit mile one & half I could see that the guy behind me was falling behind.  There was a kid in jeans! closing in on him.  After that was a big gap and then a pack of runners, including Eric.  I passed him and he told me that I had a good lead.
     By mile two I could see no one behind me, so I started to take it easy.  I probably could have PRed if there was someone to push me.   I finished the race in 21:57.  1st OVERALL!
mile 1:  6:33
mile 2:  7:00
mile 3 & the point 1:  8:20

Monday, September 2, 2013

For The Love of Lindsey 5k

     This was the third time that I ran this race.  It is always a difficult course because of the August heat.  Each year I do a little bit better.
2011 20th place, 25:20
2012 13th place, 22:51
2013 10th place, 21:45
      I'm not sure why I go to this race.  It is always too hot and they do weird award groups.  Only the top two overall and top two in each ten year age group.  I like doing race with the top three in each age group.  The only thing that the race has going for it is that is it close to home.
      Every year this race is really hot and humid so this time around I carried my water bottle.  Each year someone drops from the heat.  This year was no exception.  It is always some teenage that probably did not train right. 
      When the race started I was in 11th place.  I had looked at last years results and decided I needed 10th place to get a medal.  In the first mile I worked my way up to 9th place.   At mile two I made my play for 8th place but started to burn out.  Just then I got passed by the second place female.  That put me back in 10th place.  The humid was awful in the third mile.  But I was able to keep just ahead of the guy behind me.  I finished and went straight into the air conditioned fire department building.
       I waited around for the results and handed out race flyers.  When the results were put up, I was very excited.  I did get 10th place!   However I got 3rd in my age group, which means no medal.  I would have had to beat 21:06 to get a medal.   Geez.  Maybe next year.
 They did improve the shirt this year.