Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yizner 5k

     I have not been able to run this week.  Between the kids,  Sara changing jobs, my job being super busy, and me gearing up to full on race director mode, I just did not have the energy.  I knew that I had to pick a race this weekend just to return the clock rental from the P&LE Express.  I planned to run, cause I mean, I am going to be there.  I just could not pick a race, nor did I really want to run.
     I ended up in North Park at the Yinzer 5k.  The North Park boat house is under construction.  The indoor bathrooms are now portojohns and the normally outdoor registration was on the second floor of the boat house.  I think that I heard they were puting in a resturant, but I am not sure.  I got there, checked in, and then went to carry the heavy clock about a half mile to the timing people.  I parked far away.
     Before the race I did not see anyone I knew, so I went out for a little warm up run.  After that I found a bench under trees to relax under.  As I was sitting there I noticed a runner with their bib on their back, running with a running whose bib was on the front.  Normally when I tell people that their bib goes on the front, they look at me like I'm carry.  But these folks were cool about it, thanked me for the help.  (Note: A bib is the race number that gets hooked to your shirt or shorts in the front during a race.  It is used to identify you.)
     At the start line these three guys were joking around and the crowd was laughing.  It was the first 5k for one of them and he was not really in "running" shape.  I tried to get them to come to my race, but they were from Erie and Baltimore.  Weird...
     When the horn went off I briefly thought I could win this, then a kid took off out front, and I decided to hang back.  When I did this a hole group of people passed me.  This folks were going out too fast and I knew I could pass them later.

     After a half mile the folks started slowing down and I picked them off one at a time.  By mile one I was in third place.  The turn around was just after mile one.  The course was really short or there was something fancy going on in the course. (I'm raced this course many times).  On the way I kept up my speed thinking the course was short.  I was going at 6:40 per minute.  (pretty awesome for me).  I finished 2.17 miles in 14:28.  Third overall, ya!
 Problems with this race:  (Note was a 1st time race, RD was NOT a runner)
     Cost: more then normal 5k
     Course:  almost a mile short
     Awards: only the top 3 m & f overall, NO AGE GROUPS
     Water:  had water and gatorade, but the gatorade was warm
      Shirt:   white, for the cost they could have upgraded
      Runners:  were all super nice.  no one was mad that the course was short.
      Logo:  was pretty cool
      Cause:  helping homeless people

      Would I go back.  Normally with all the cons I would say no, but we are all suppose to get a discount next year, so... it is a maybe.

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