Sunday, August 11, 2013

P&LE Express 4 mile/10 mile

     Well months of planning and worrying turned into a very nice event.  Yesterday I was a huge ball of stress.  I was going over everything aloud and going around the house making sure things were going to be perfect.  I had to be up at 4:30am, eek!
     The car was preloaded with most of the race stuff.  I had to get the water, ice, and clock ready and loaded.  Then I was off to pick up a volunteer while Sara went to set up the water stop.  At 6 am we meet back up and drove to the start line.  At 6:18 I was back at the parking area and there were no runners.  I was stressing out.  I walked to the house to get my water bottle, that I had forgotten.  When I came back there were cars parking and runners and I was thrilled!  I was soo afraid no one was going to show up.  With out preregistration you just do not know how much people are coming.

(The start line at 7am)
     After a quick speech by me and waiting for a few more people to sign up, we started.  I ran the first two miles with Jason S and Kelly U.  They were running the 10 mile race so I lost them when I stopped at the water stop.   I said hello and thanked the volunteers, Heather & Dana, and then got back on my way.  I was in first place in the 4 mile race.  I did the 4 mile so that I could be at the finish line as people got there.  I won the 4 mile for the males and Jenn C took 1st for the females.
(Emery winning the 10 mile)
(Danika-1st place female-10 mile)
(Joe H)
(Walter B racing after a few months off with an injury)
(Tammy S doing her tempo run, She could have beaten them all!)
(Charle W letting Chris B finish first)
(Kelly U racing Jamie)
(Jason S cruising after 10 mile, he and Kelly U ran 10 more miles after the race)
(Sara "chicking" Scott P at the finish)
     In the end everyone seemed to have fun and a good run.  I enjoyed it.  We had 33 runners.  My targeted guess back in the early spring was 30-35.  How about that? 
     I would like to thank all the runners that came out for an early race at 7am on a Sunday, and our great volunteers.  As you probably know, there would be no races without volunteers.  THANK YOU!!

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