Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mine Race, take three.

     As some of you may have read in past blog posts, I have been a little sick.  Okay maybe a little bit more than a little.  I missed running a 5k last weekend that I had paid for.  That made me mad.  But I guess there is a first time for everything.
TB and LAPS before the race!
TB and LAPS after the race!
    This sunday Sara, myself, and my niece from North Carolina ran in the Running Outta Our Mine 5k.  This  is a special race.  It is underground in a mine and the only one in the world, that I know of.  So that makes it pretty cool.  We have ran in this race twice before, however it was always in the middle of winter.  Anotherinteresting note is that this race was the first time Team Brunazzi shirts were worn.
     I am glad that they moved it to summer this year.  If it had not been for that, my niece would probably never had gotten to run in it.  I think next year it might move back to the winter, because the race got twice as many people then.  But you never know.
     I had registered Sara the night before and she had to get in a different line to get her bib number and chip.   She walked back to us and said, "what I signed up late and don't get a shirt?".   I said what shirt.  We did not get shirts.  The shirts were $10 extra, on top of $25 to run.  Pretty pricey for a 5k, even if it is in a mine...
     The race started outside this year and I mistakenly turned on my Garmin.  Mind you, it does not work underground...  The course had less turns this year and I was able to go pretty fast for most of the race.  I finished in 21:54, 33 out of 294!   Sara finished in 25:11, 87th.
     This was Gabby's 4th 5k.   She finished in 35:32.  She was a little scared of being underground.  One of the first times she asked after the race was can we do another one!
Gabby finishing.
Darlene from LAPS finishing.
Donna from LAPS finishing.
The white and red is Mitch R. running in front of me at the mine.

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