Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Baker Relay, Part of the Baker Ultra 50 Mile Race

     So I have been asked "What no race last weekend?" and "Why no blog post?".  Simply put, I have been busy.   It is one month ago from the harvest race and I am going nuts.  New sponsors signing on, people registering and forgetting a piece of information,  door prizes and flyer's shipping in everyday, and I have to order the shirts Friday!
:::deep breath:::
      A month or so ago the Steel City Road Runners were looking for someone to fill in on a relay team.  I checked my race calendar and I was free, so I joined up.  This was for the Baker 50 mile Ultra Marathon, which Sara was running the whole thing.  I was joining one of three Steel City Road Runner relay teams.  It was only $30 for a 10 mile run.  Good deal!
      Sara want up to the race the day before because the start for the full 50 mile was at 6:30am.  I was not running until the late afternoon so I came up Saturday morning.  I was suppose to meet my team leader at 11am.  At noon she had finished her leg.  Turns out the course was super hard and everyone was going over there time. 
      The team leader and her husband drove me to my relay start, but not before losing my timing chip.  Her husband was team leader of team two and turned in my chip because he thought someone had left it behind.  No big deal.  They got lost a few times trying to get me there, but found it in time.
       The water stop where I was starting was not set up yet when I got there.   However the front runners were all ready starting to come in.   I had about a two hour wait before my relay team member came in.  I laid in the shade trying to stay cool.
     In the window of the car is a map of the course.  I looked at it many times as I waited for my turn.  I knew every turn, every road, before the race started.  When it was finally my turn, I was out warming up on a road near by.  I quickly came back and then got started.  I took off.  I passed up the first three people that I came too.  It was all up hill and the sun was hot.  By the time that I got to the first check point, about four miles in, I was starting to get dehydrated.  I got more water and left very quickly.   I really needed to make up time.  Problem is ...there were only more hills, more sun, and one case of running out of water ahead of me.  This part of the course there was no shade.  Just open road at 3 pm on a hot August day.  I was dragging.  I got to the last check point, about three and half more miles in, got more water, and hoped for shade.  They tried to give me food, but it was too hot to eat.
      I took my last GU gel and started out.  This part of the course was on an Amish road and the folks just stared at me.  I had forgotten that I took my shirt off, so I was wearing just shorts.  A big no-no in Amish land.  I got myself through the course including one last hill at the end, finishing in about an hour forty minutes.   Bad time?  Yeah, I know...
     Everyone on the relay team got a finishers medal.  We got a quick picture, then I tried to eat.  The food they had just did not sit well on my stomach.  I walked to the car where I had a half of a sub from lunch left.  After I was done I went for a mile run out on the course to wait for Sara.   She had said that she was going to finish at 5:30 and it was now 6:30.  Several people came by but not Sara.  I was starting to think that she may have dropped out.  After 7 she finally came walking up the road.  I ran with her, Brian N, and his pacer for part of the last mile, then took off for a short cut so that I could get a picture at the finish.

     After the race we had to wait around because the race director wanted to personal hand people there rolling pin.  (You get a pin after you do all three sections of 50 miles).  It was nice of him, but he kept having to leave.  I was getting mad.  I had to drive Sara to the airport still, plus drive home.  Five hours of driving and I was tired.   Sara's mom was taking her and the kids to Disney. 


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