Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Baker Relay, Part of the Baker Ultra 50 Mile Race

     So I have been asked "What no race last weekend?" and "Why no blog post?".  Simply put, I have been busy.   It is one month ago from the harvest race and I am going nuts.  New sponsors signing on, people registering and forgetting a piece of information,  door prizes and flyer's shipping in everyday, and I have to order the shirts Friday!
:::deep breath:::
      A month or so ago the Steel City Road Runners were looking for someone to fill in on a relay team.  I checked my race calendar and I was free, so I joined up.  This was for the Baker 50 mile Ultra Marathon, which Sara was running the whole thing.  I was joining one of three Steel City Road Runner relay teams.  It was only $30 for a 10 mile run.  Good deal!
      Sara want up to the race the day before because the start for the full 50 mile was at 6:30am.  I was not running until the late afternoon so I came up Saturday morning.  I was suppose to meet my team leader at 11am.  At noon she had finished her leg.  Turns out the course was super hard and everyone was going over there time. 
      The team leader and her husband drove me to my relay start, but not before losing my timing chip.  Her husband was team leader of team two and turned in my chip because he thought someone had left it behind.  No big deal.  They got lost a few times trying to get me there, but found it in time.
       The water stop where I was starting was not set up yet when I got there.   However the front runners were all ready starting to come in.   I had about a two hour wait before my relay team member came in.  I laid in the shade trying to stay cool.
     In the window of the car is a map of the course.  I looked at it many times as I waited for my turn.  I knew every turn, every road, before the race started.  When it was finally my turn, I was out warming up on a road near by.  I quickly came back and then got started.  I took off.  I passed up the first three people that I came too.  It was all up hill and the sun was hot.  By the time that I got to the first check point, about four miles in, I was starting to get dehydrated.  I got more water and left very quickly.   I really needed to make up time.  Problem is ...there were only more hills, more sun, and one case of running out of water ahead of me.  This part of the course there was no shade.  Just open road at 3 pm on a hot August day.  I was dragging.  I got to the last check point, about three and half more miles in, got more water, and hoped for shade.  They tried to give me food, but it was too hot to eat.
      I took my last GU gel and started out.  This part of the course was on an Amish road and the folks just stared at me.  I had forgotten that I took my shirt off, so I was wearing just shorts.  A big no-no in Amish land.  I got myself through the course including one last hill at the end, finishing in about an hour forty minutes.   Bad time?  Yeah, I know...
     Everyone on the relay team got a finishers medal.  We got a quick picture, then I tried to eat.  The food they had just did not sit well on my stomach.  I walked to the car where I had a half of a sub from lunch left.  After I was done I went for a mile run out on the course to wait for Sara.   She had said that she was going to finish at 5:30 and it was now 6:30.  Several people came by but not Sara.  I was starting to think that she may have dropped out.  After 7 she finally came walking up the road.  I ran with her, Brian N, and his pacer for part of the last mile, then took off for a short cut so that I could get a picture at the finish.

     After the race we had to wait around because the race director wanted to personal hand people there rolling pin.  (You get a pin after you do all three sections of 50 miles).  It was nice of him, but he kept having to leave.  I was getting mad.  I had to drive Sara to the airport still, plus drive home.  Five hours of driving and I was tired.   Sara's mom was taking her and the kids to Disney. 


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yizner 5k

     I have not been able to run this week.  Between the kids,  Sara changing jobs, my job being super busy, and me gearing up to full on race director mode, I just did not have the energy.  I knew that I had to pick a race this weekend just to return the clock rental from the P&LE Express.  I planned to run, cause I mean, I am going to be there.  I just could not pick a race, nor did I really want to run.
     I ended up in North Park at the Yinzer 5k.  The North Park boat house is under construction.  The indoor bathrooms are now portojohns and the normally outdoor registration was on the second floor of the boat house.  I think that I heard they were puting in a resturant, but I am not sure.  I got there, checked in, and then went to carry the heavy clock about a half mile to the timing people.  I parked far away.
     Before the race I did not see anyone I knew, so I went out for a little warm up run.  After that I found a bench under trees to relax under.  As I was sitting there I noticed a runner with their bib on their back, running with a running whose bib was on the front.  Normally when I tell people that their bib goes on the front, they look at me like I'm carry.  But these folks were cool about it, thanked me for the help.  (Note: A bib is the race number that gets hooked to your shirt or shorts in the front during a race.  It is used to identify you.)
     At the start line these three guys were joking around and the crowd was laughing.  It was the first 5k for one of them and he was not really in "running" shape.  I tried to get them to come to my race, but they were from Erie and Baltimore.  Weird...
     When the horn went off I briefly thought I could win this, then a kid took off out front, and I decided to hang back.  When I did this a hole group of people passed me.  This folks were going out too fast and I knew I could pass them later.

     After a half mile the folks started slowing down and I picked them off one at a time.  By mile one I was in third place.  The turn around was just after mile one.  The course was really short or there was something fancy going on in the course. (I'm raced this course many times).  On the way I kept up my speed thinking the course was short.  I was going at 6:40 per minute.  (pretty awesome for me).  I finished 2.17 miles in 14:28.  Third overall, ya!
 Problems with this race:  (Note was a 1st time race, RD was NOT a runner)
     Cost: more then normal 5k
     Course:  almost a mile short
     Awards: only the top 3 m & f overall, NO AGE GROUPS
     Water:  had water and gatorade, but the gatorade was warm
      Shirt:   white, for the cost they could have upgraded
      Runners:  were all super nice.  no one was mad that the course was short.
      Logo:  was pretty cool
      Cause:  helping homeless people

      Would I go back.  Normally with all the cons I would say no, but we are all suppose to get a discount next year, so... it is a maybe.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

P&LE Express 4 mile/10 mile

     Well months of planning and worrying turned into a very nice event.  Yesterday I was a huge ball of stress.  I was going over everything aloud and going around the house making sure things were going to be perfect.  I had to be up at 4:30am, eek!
     The car was preloaded with most of the race stuff.  I had to get the water, ice, and clock ready and loaded.  Then I was off to pick up a volunteer while Sara went to set up the water stop.  At 6 am we meet back up and drove to the start line.  At 6:18 I was back at the parking area and there were no runners.  I was stressing out.  I walked to the house to get my water bottle, that I had forgotten.  When I came back there were cars parking and runners and I was thrilled!  I was soo afraid no one was going to show up.  With out preregistration you just do not know how much people are coming.

(The start line at 7am)
     After a quick speech by me and waiting for a few more people to sign up, we started.  I ran the first two miles with Jason S and Kelly U.  They were running the 10 mile race so I lost them when I stopped at the water stop.   I said hello and thanked the volunteers, Heather & Dana, and then got back on my way.  I was in first place in the 4 mile race.  I did the 4 mile so that I could be at the finish line as people got there.  I won the 4 mile for the males and Jenn C took 1st for the females.
(Emery winning the 10 mile)
(Danika-1st place female-10 mile)
(Joe H)
(Walter B racing after a few months off with an injury)
(Tammy S doing her tempo run, She could have beaten them all!)
(Charle W letting Chris B finish first)
(Kelly U racing Jamie)
(Jason S cruising after 10 mile, he and Kelly U ran 10 more miles after the race)
(Sara "chicking" Scott P at the finish)
     In the end everyone seemed to have fun and a good run.  I enjoyed it.  We had 33 runners.  My targeted guess back in the early spring was 30-35.  How about that? 
     I would like to thank all the runners that came out for an early race at 7am on a Sunday, and our great volunteers.  As you probably know, there would be no races without volunteers.  THANK YOU!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mine Race, take three.

     As some of you may have read in past blog posts, I have been a little sick.  Okay maybe a little bit more than a little.  I missed running a 5k last weekend that I had paid for.  That made me mad.  But I guess there is a first time for everything.
TB and LAPS before the race!
TB and LAPS after the race!
    This sunday Sara, myself, and my niece from North Carolina ran in the Running Outta Our Mine 5k.  This  is a special race.  It is underground in a mine and the only one in the world, that I know of.  So that makes it pretty cool.  We have ran in this race twice before, however it was always in the middle of winter.  Anotherinteresting note is that this race was the first time Team Brunazzi shirts were worn.
     I am glad that they moved it to summer this year.  If it had not been for that, my niece would probably never had gotten to run in it.  I think next year it might move back to the winter, because the race got twice as many people then.  But you never know.
     I had registered Sara the night before and she had to get in a different line to get her bib number and chip.   She walked back to us and said, "what I signed up late and don't get a shirt?".   I said what shirt.  We did not get shirts.  The shirts were $10 extra, on top of $25 to run.  Pretty pricey for a 5k, even if it is in a mine...
     The race started outside this year and I mistakenly turned on my Garmin.  Mind you, it does not work underground...  The course had less turns this year and I was able to go pretty fast for most of the race.  I finished in 21:54, 33 out of 294!   Sara finished in 25:11, 87th.
     This was Gabby's 4th 5k.   She finished in 35:32.  She was a little scared of being underground.  One of the first times she asked after the race was can we do another one!
Gabby finishing.
Darlene from LAPS finishing.
Donna from LAPS finishing.
The white and red is Mitch R. running in front of me at the mine.