Saturday, July 6, 2013

Where's Our Water 10k

     This is the lake.  Well...this was the lake.  They had to drain the water out because the dam was old.  The race raises money to get a new dam.  Okay, so one race does not buy a new dam.  But it is a start.
      I assumed that I would be running around, close to, or in the old lake.  NOPE.   The race finished just a short walk from the lake.   I am not really sure why we did not start and end at the lake.  It would have been neater.  The run had a different start area from the finish, separated by a little over a mile.  They did have a little bus, but more people were walking back.
      At the starting area, I was not feeling well.  I got sick a few times before the race.  That made me worried that I had lost too much fluid.  I tried to drink some Gatorade but my body did not want it.  A little bit of water and it was race time.  I did good the first mile.  There were a lot of little hills.  It would have been a great course, but my right leg cramped up at about a mile and a half in.  I walked a few seconds and then tried running again.  No luck, still cramped.
     I could have quit, but I have never given up yet.  I did a silly walk/run/limp all the way to mile five. When I got to the top a big hill.  The cramp was finally gone.  I started out slowly running and then when the pain did not return, I sped up.  If I could have run the whole course this fast, I probably would have done pretty well.  I finished in 54:27, 50 overall out of 174.
The dry spill over.

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