Sunday, July 14, 2013

Race to the Moon 5 mile

    The race was on a trail like the Yough River Trail.  This one is called the Roaring Water Trail.  Why roaring water?  Because the Kiskiminetas River's (Kiski) rapids roar loudly through the valley.  It is very awesome.
    This one started off a little bit rocky.  On the website they had two parking lots listed.   When we got to the first one, no one else was there.  We did not have an address for the other lot so we drove around Apollo until we found it.  The second lot was also the race start.  We got there early.  Two hours before the start, oops.
     Then we walked up to the sign in table and told them our names.   The ladies at the table replied, "Your not on the list, are you sure you registered?".  I replied in a not so happy tone, "yes, I'm sure".  Then the race director came over.  I told him who we were and that we used paper mail in registration.  He said that it might still be in his truck.  Turns out, it was.  After the crisis was averted it was back to the car to relax.

     Before the start we met up with some of the Latrobe Area Pacers for some pictures.  The race was a night run.  You were required to wear or carry a light.  The start was delayed a little bit so that it could get darker.  The 5 mile race we were in and the 5k started together.  At 1 1/2 miles in the 5kers turned to head back and the field of runners greatly decreased.  I counted myself at 8th place, but apparently I was in 9th.
     I tried my best to run at a 7:30 pace, but it was just too humid.  I ended up averaging 7:47.  This race was a lot of fun.  I have paced Sara for night runs, but not ran in one myself.  I will probably do this one again.  I finished in 38:56 and got a medal for first in my age group.
Sara got 3rd overall female.

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