Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dat's a lota Races...

     So this morning I was thinking about writing a post about how many of each race distance that I ran.  Then I noticed my wife, Sara, had the same idea.  She had a piece of paper with dashs for each race.  So here are our race counts.

5 mile-6
Half marathon-6
50 mile-3

4 mile-2
5 mile-7
10 mile-2
Half marathon-10
20 mile-1
     As you can see we both do a lot of races.  However we do not always do the same race.  Sara prefers ultra and distance races.  I like 5ks and love half marathons.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I refuse to Quit! Races # 100 & 101

Race # 100
5k to Fight Decay- White Oak Park- Saturday
     I have been sick since Tuesday.  It gets a little better and then hits me again even worse.  Why have I not seen a doctor?  I guess because I am one of those people that needs to be really-really sick before they go.  I decided to go this 5k because it is close to the Boston Harvest course and I wanted to hand out flyers.  Hours before the race, I sickness hit.  I knew that this was not going to go well.
     On the drive to the race it was raining.  I thought the rain would keep it cooler.  It did not. It got humid.  When I got to the registration, I asked where the bathrooms were.  I had just enough time to pay, when I started feeling ill.  I made it to the restroom then to the car to relax.  Then I heard the starting horn.  I missed the start of the race!!  I got in line with the walkers and found a older runner named, Bob L.  He was at my race last year.  We talked about different races until the turn around.  At that point, I was feeling okay.  I wished him good luck and I started running faster.  THAT WAS A BAD IDEA!  About a minute later I felt ill again.  Worse ill.  I kept going.  I past person after person.  Only I was not running for the finish line.   I was running for the restroom.  I finished in 29:25 and then straight to the restroom.  Once I calmed down, I handed out flyers.  People were really interested, because my race is cheaper, no hills, and gives kids medals.  Bob L. PRed on the course.

Race # 101
Presque Isle Half Marathon- Erie- Sunday
     I somehow made it all the way to Erie without feeling sick.  I thought that meant I would be okay to run.  Sara and I made it to the race at 5:50am.  I was starting to feel ill, but I hoped it was just me being nervous.  Sara was not running in the race, because she is running in Burning River 100 miler next weekend.  I checked in, got my shirt, and then we both stood in line for the restroom.  It was a long line.  By the time we made it to the front of the line, I knew that I was sick again.  I did not say anything to Sara because I did not want her try and talk me out of running the race.
     Sara saw a runner that she knows from Oil Creek (another ultra race) and ran over.  I walked slowly and found my starting spot.  No fast movement for me.  I was planning on doing 8 minute miles.  I knew this was a good PR course, but not for me, not today.  The race started with a little leg then a turn around.  At that point I heard someone yell, "hey shane!".  I ran ahead to catch whoever it was and found that it was Michael T.  I said hi and then got myself back on pace.  I was now ahead of Mike.
     Was I still sick?  I felt okay.  I had to fight to keep my pace.  I kept going too fast.  The course said it was flat, but it was really an uphill grade.  You could not feel the grade.  But when you looked at the people farther ahead, you could tell.  There were two small real hills.  One at mile six and one in mile nine.
     Whatever I had eaten was gone and I was mighty hungry.  I downed a GU and thought about all the food at the finish line.  I kept trying to find someone running a good steady pace.  But everyone was jumping  back and forth.  I really needed someone to pace off of.  At mile five I was feeling a little light headed.  I was running on the edge of the course next to the lane with cars.  Not really a good idea.

     After mile seven Michael past me, I got behind him and some lady and used them to pull me.  I did this for about a mile when something just did not feel right.  I slowed down just a little bit.  It went away.  I could still see them ahead of me and I planned to catching up and past him.  At mile nine I stopped to use the restroom, too much water.   I lost a few seconds here.
     Then at mile 10.5 it was all over.  I was sick and needed a restroom ASAP.  I found one at mile 10.7 and was out of the race for five minutes.  I thought that I might have to quit the race.  But I really did not want too.  I started running again for about ten seconds and then walked... I realized my belly was empty again.  I found my last GU and then starting jogging.  Once I got to mile 11, I was feeling so-so, but I knew it was over soon.  I ran hard, then walked, then ran hard again.  I was not going to quit!

      When I was closing in on the finish I ran as fast as I could, stopped for a second because of the illness, then I took off for the finish line.  Sara was there cheering and taken pictures.  She yelled "almost there Shane".  When I got to her and yelled, "got sick, very sick.".  I finished in 1:54:08.   8th half marathon, all under 2 hours.
      There was suppose to be a cook out at the beach after the race.  Sara wanted to eat there.  I really needed AC and to sit down.  So, we drove into Erie to the Eat-n-Park instead.  They have an all you can eat buffet for breakfast.   I did not eat that much.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Race to the Moon 5 mile

    The race was on a trail like the Yough River Trail.  This one is called the Roaring Water Trail.  Why roaring water?  Because the Kiskiminetas River's (Kiski) rapids roar loudly through the valley.  It is very awesome.
    This one started off a little bit rocky.  On the website they had two parking lots listed.   When we got to the first one, no one else was there.  We did not have an address for the other lot so we drove around Apollo until we found it.  The second lot was also the race start.  We got there early.  Two hours before the start, oops.
     Then we walked up to the sign in table and told them our names.   The ladies at the table replied, "Your not on the list, are you sure you registered?".  I replied in a not so happy tone, "yes, I'm sure".  Then the race director came over.  I told him who we were and that we used paper mail in registration.  He said that it might still be in his truck.  Turns out, it was.  After the crisis was averted it was back to the car to relax.

     Before the start we met up with some of the Latrobe Area Pacers for some pictures.  The race was a night run.  You were required to wear or carry a light.  The start was delayed a little bit so that it could get darker.  The 5 mile race we were in and the 5k started together.  At 1 1/2 miles in the 5kers turned to head back and the field of runners greatly decreased.  I counted myself at 8th place, but apparently I was in 9th.
     I tried my best to run at a 7:30 pace, but it was just too humid.  I ended up averaging 7:47.  This race was a lot of fun.  I have paced Sara for night runs, but not ran in one myself.  I will probably do this one again.  I finished in 38:56 and got a medal for first in my age group.
Sara got 3rd overall female.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The newest brand ambassadorship

     If you follow the blog, you may remember that I got picked for two ambassador programs earlier this year.  One was for HERA women's cancer foundation.  You can read the post at Happier Note.  They gave me some stuff to hand out at my races.  It is a pretty low key program.
     The second was for a coconut water company.  It is a new company and they did not really have a forward moving plan for the program.  I agreed to the terms and a month or so later I still did not have any product samples or apparel.  I quit the program for a few reasons.  The biggest reason was they were more focused on other types of sports and mostly around the West Coast.  The other reason was that Team Brunazzi is sponsored by GU energy and I thought that there may be a conflict.
     This morning I found out that I was picked for a third ambassadorship.  It is a danish clothing company that is trying to enter the US market.  The company makes running, cycling, and triathlon wear.  The prices are a little steep, but it seems like a higher end product.  I will post pictures and review once I get something in my hands.
     This is also a new program, so I have no idea what to expect.  Right now they are offering a $55 tech shirt free, minus the shipping costs.  You also get 30% off anything also that you order with it.  They have asked me to get up to 3 other athletes to join with me.  Any one interested?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Where's Our Water 10k

     This is the lake.  Well...this was the lake.  They had to drain the water out because the dam was old.  The race raises money to get a new dam.  Okay, so one race does not buy a new dam.  But it is a start.
      I assumed that I would be running around, close to, or in the old lake.  NOPE.   The race finished just a short walk from the lake.   I am not really sure why we did not start and end at the lake.  It would have been neater.  The run had a different start area from the finish, separated by a little over a mile.  They did have a little bus, but more people were walking back.
      At the starting area, I was not feeling well.  I got sick a few times before the race.  That made me worried that I had lost too much fluid.  I tried to drink some Gatorade but my body did not want it.  A little bit of water and it was race time.  I did good the first mile.  There were a lot of little hills.  It would have been a great course, but my right leg cramped up at about a mile and a half in.  I walked a few seconds and then tried running again.  No luck, still cramped.
     I could have quit, but I have never given up yet.  I did a silly walk/run/limp all the way to mile five. When I got to the top a big hill.  The cramp was finally gone.  I started out slowly running and then when the pain did not return, I sped up.  If I could have run the whole course this fast, I probably would have done pretty well.  I finished in 54:27, 50 overall out of 174.
The dry spill over.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ground Hog 5k

      This is one of my favorite races.  This is the second time that I have gone up to Punxsutawney, home of Punxsutawney Phil the weather man, for their community ground hog festival.  This race is different in two ways.  The race starts in the evening at 7pm and is always on the eve of the 4th of July.  The other thing that makes it different is the festival.  Food, rides, music, games,people selling Phil stuff and FOOD!  Normally I go to a race, run, stay of the medals, and head home, with the festival there is just more to do.
      Twenty minutes before the race a fast moving thunder storm rolled into town.  I do not care about running in the rain, however lightning is a different story.  The race was delayed until about 7:20.  The rain storm had temporarily cooled off the air.  About a mile into the race the heat came back.  This course is rolling hills.  It is a challenge, but it is fun.  I finished in 22:46, 32nd overall so lots of fast people.  Then it was off to the festival for some very unhealthy food. :o)
(Did not win a medal, this time)