Saturday, June 1, 2013

Run for Alex 5 mile

    This weekend Sara and I both did the Run for Alex 5 mile.  We had done this race last year.  It is a nice race and I think it is the second largest in Washington County.  They do a 2 mile and a 5 mile with 650 combined finishers.  We chose the 5 mile.

     It has been very hot and humid.  Not good running weather.  I am more of a fall/winter runner.  I like the cool air.  I knew that I was going to do awful at this race.  I should have been able to met or bet my time last year.  Instead I added 6 minutes on to it.
    This race has a lot of small rolling hills and one huge up hill at mile 2.4-2.67.  I ran good for about 1.3 miles then had to start walking the hills.  Got too hot, too fast.  Next year I will do better. (I hope)

   (Sara won a door prize)

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