Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jerry Maher 5k

     Moments before the race started, they let us in on a little secret.  The course was totally different then last year.  A bridge was being replaced on the course and a tree had come down the night before in the storm.  They had us run up a road, turn around, and come back past the starting line in order to get the full 3.1 miles.   Only thing was... the course was short any ways...   I didn't mind.   My legs were still tired from last week.
     At the start line there were a lot of kids.  Sara was worried they would get in the way.  WRONG!  Those darn kids were fast!  In fact most of the top twenty were kids, including the top female and 3rd place male.  This new course was harder.  Last years course had two small long hills.  This one had a hill from mile one to mile two.  It was not a steep grade, but the hill beat on your legs.

     Coming in to the finish there was no one close in front or in back, so I just was dogging it in.  Then out of no where comes some little 10 or 12 year old.  He flew past me.  I sped up and caught him and then he went even fast.  I was like "Little way" and I took off at top speed.  Yeah...I raced a little kid, but I did  I finished in 21:18.

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