Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fox Township Half Marathon

     What is it about running that no matter how difficult a course or how bad a run, the first you want to do when you finish is sign up for another race?
      This was race number 95 lifetime and number 25 this year.  I think that I am addicted to several things in racing.  How everyone is your friend when your running and how total strangers cheer you on at the finish.  Getting a medal every once in a while helps too.
      This Saturday I dragged Sara three hours into the mountains of Elk County for a $20 half marathon.  Yes, I realize that the cost savings got eaten up in gas money.  But it was still fun.  The trip took us threw Allegheny, Butler, Armstrong, Jefferson, & Elk County.  On the way home the GPS added Clarion County to the mix.  The trip started in the dead of night because the race started early.
     The race was a point to point run so we had to first get bused to the start line.  The person in the next seat up said "Dude just took a picture of the back of your head".  The driver did not know where to go and pasted the starting line up.  We had to turn around on an old country road and drive back.  We had about 5 minutes to spare and everyone hit a bush.

      When the race got started I was in trouble with humidity and heat.  The first 3 1/2 miles were awful.  At mile 4 two older guys, Todd & Bill, started running beside me and helped pool me along.
      At mile 7 the hills started and I went back and forward from running to walking.  By mile 11 I was done with the hills but did not have much left.  I knew that if I did not hurry, I would not get under 2 hours.  I ran hard and fast and finished in 1:52:59.  Now my left leg is bothering me again.  I also have a lot of pain in the top of my right foot.  Sara thinks that I ties my laces too tight.  A day later and I still have the pain makes me think that I damaged something. We'll see.

Sara finishing
2nd in age group 28-35

All the stuff you get for $20!  Note: Sara's award is in the picture so really $40.
The finish line park.  I wish I was little.
 Getting my award.  At this point I was sunburn and it was over 90 degrees.
Picture Sara took while running.
Training on the Yough Trail with the kids weiner dog.  And yes she can out run me.

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