Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dayspring 5k and then some

     I decided the night before to do a 5k in Ellwood City.  The Big Beaver Big Dawgs posted that they wanted everyone to come out and I did not have a race for the weekend yet.  I had been warned the weekend before that the Dayspring 5k was a hard course.  It was.
     The view from the start line was down hill and this was an out and back course.  I went out hoping for a top 10 finish.  At the beginning I was 13th.  I moved up as folks slowed down at the hills.  By the turn around I was in 10th place.  Unfortunately the 9th place runner was no where close, so I would have to hold on the 10th position for the next mile and a half.  The first place female was close on my heels and that kept pushing me along.  The course was up and down hills.  A lot of hills.
      At the up hill finish I got passed by the female runner and a male runner.  I wanted 10th place!   I took off after them, up hill mind you, as fast as I could.  I died off quickly and decided just to be happy with 12th place and continue at this speed.  I looked at my Garmin and I was running 6:30 pace.  Those two in front were speedy.  I finished in 21:53.
     When I got home Sara asked me to do a Red Dress Run with her.  It was a Hash Harrier run.  These people run a little bit, drink a little bit, and then repeat.  It was not looking forward to the drinking part (I don't drink) nor the "red dress" part, I just wanted the extra miles.  It was suppose to be 4 miles.  I ended up running 6.7 miles.
     At the first bar stop I stayed outside.  By the time we got to the second bar I had to use the bathroom.  I was in the front group when we got there and went right inside.  This is what greeted me.

    This bar is called the Tilted Kilt.  This was my favor part of the run.  Oh and fries were good too.  After this it was a run though Point State Park.  I had acquired a sign that read "Happy Birthday".   I run passed people holding up the sign, and the crow would cheer.  The third "bar" stop was a loading dock near the county jail.  We had been at this for three hours.  I was done.  Sara was done.  We took off running toward the strip district where are car was.  "Hashing" is for some people.  It is not for me.  I don't drink.  Not something I would do again.

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