Sunday, May 19, 2013

West Newton 10k & 5k

     At some point in the race planning they changed the start times, but did not tell the timing company.  Thus the races were listed as 8:30 10k and 9:30 5k, but were really starting at 9:30/10:30.  A few 10kers made the mistake.  It was not a big deal, just a bad way to start the morning.
     Last year this race was just a 5k and it had two major problems.  One, they advertised top 2 in the age group, but when they did the awards it was just top 1.  Second they ran out of water.  So when my older daughter finished, she had no water.  They did not go and get more water, just told people to go to the ambulance because it had water.  I think those two things and the heat kept people from coming out.  There were a lot of faces from last year that were not there.  With the two races added together they were just below the number of runners from last year.  (per the posted results, 187 vs 200).  I hope that we have more luck with adding the 10k then they did. (Note: that there was also a 2 mile walk, but I don't know how many were in it)
     I started the 10k at a 7 minute pace, I really thought that I would have no problem getting a PR.  The heat  got to me.   I ended up finishing in 47:00.  It is a good time, but not a PR.  7:32 minute pace, i think.
     I was really thinking about not running the 5k because I was so hot.  I drank 2 bottles of water and decided to give it a try.  I was not pretty.  I walked a lot of it, finishing in 26:00.
     After the races I started heading out flyers for the Boston Harvest.  I got a lot of positive feedback, including meeting someone that is already signed up. lol
     It should be noted that the problems from last year were all fixed and that there was no problems this year.  I had two cases of water in my car, just in case.  :o)  The races were fun and I will be back next year.
Tech shirt! and 3rd in age group for the 10k!

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