Saturday, May 25, 2013

Last Minute Change Up

     I was signed up for the Clairton 5k, but at the last minute I decide to run the Boston For Boston 5k.  This  race was closer to home and for a good cause.  So, yes, I did pay for two races.

     I got to the race early and they were not quite ready for people to sign up yet.  A few minutes later I was able to sign up, but they did not take my money.  I hung out near the table waiting...  The reason they did not take my money was because they did not have the race bibs yet.(sorta..they were in a bag and the volunteer didn't seem to know that)  Once that was all said and done, I went to the car to warm up.  It was really cold for a late spring morning.  38 degrees!
     By race time it was closer to 47 degrees and I ditched the layers.  I prefer running in shorts.  A lot of folks I know were there including Joe H, the Tokars, Chris B, Jenn C, Angela L, and Emery S.  Sorry if I missed anyone.  The race was pretty low key.  But they did have some one's mom making strawberry smoothies.  yummy!
      I had a good strong run.  Just did not get the time that I wanted.  The course was long. 3.19 by my garmin.  I'm not great at math but...  A normal 5k has 31 tenths.  This one had 32 tenths.  Divide my time ,21:43, by 32 and you get 40.7 second per the course was right.. i would have got 21:03.... I think.  I dunno.. I hate math.
mile 1-6:31
mile 2-7:01
mile 3-6:59
last 2 tenths-1:12
      For some reason there was no one manning the water stop, so the cups were all still in a bag.  After the race I stood at the finish line handing out flyer's for the Boston Harvest and waiting for the results.

      I asked Chris B get my shirt from Clairton.  So I got two shirts today, but no medal.  I got 3rd in my age group but they only did top one.  I came in 9th place.  That is my 6th top ten finish this year. :o)

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