Monday, May 27, 2013

Blairsville 5k

     This race was at 8 am in Indiana County.  That meant getting up at 5 am. UGH!  I was not having a good morning.  I felt ill.  I tried to relax and I thought that I was okay right before that race.  When the race start I took off with the front pack.  At a half mile my right calve cramped up.  I ran through the pain until mile two.  Then I took a short walk break and a dude in bright orange shorts passed me.  I spent the next half mile catching up with him and then falling behind again when my calve would hurt too much.  Managed to finish in 22:16.
     The race was a fun little race in the middle of no where.  Only 57 finishers.  I got 8th place and 3rd in my age group.  Sara got 18th place and 1st in her age group.
     After the race we made several stops.   I was still ill.  Sara was able to get all this fruit for $5.  Some of it was free.

     A quick grill out when we got home.   Then off to bed for me.  I was out cold for four hours. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Last Minute Change Up

     I was signed up for the Clairton 5k, but at the last minute I decide to run the Boston For Boston 5k.  This  race was closer to home and for a good cause.  So, yes, I did pay for two races.

     I got to the race early and they were not quite ready for people to sign up yet.  A few minutes later I was able to sign up, but they did not take my money.  I hung out near the table waiting...  The reason they did not take my money was because they did not have the race bibs yet.(sorta..they were in a bag and the volunteer didn't seem to know that)  Once that was all said and done, I went to the car to warm up.  It was really cold for a late spring morning.  38 degrees!
     By race time it was closer to 47 degrees and I ditched the layers.  I prefer running in shorts.  A lot of folks I know were there including Joe H, the Tokars, Chris B, Jenn C, Angela L, and Emery S.  Sorry if I missed anyone.  The race was pretty low key.  But they did have some one's mom making strawberry smoothies.  yummy!
      I had a good strong run.  Just did not get the time that I wanted.  The course was long. 3.19 by my garmin.  I'm not great at math but...  A normal 5k has 31 tenths.  This one had 32 tenths.  Divide my time ,21:43, by 32 and you get 40.7 second per the course was right.. i would have got 21:03.... I think.  I dunno.. I hate math.
mile 1-6:31
mile 2-7:01
mile 3-6:59
last 2 tenths-1:12
      For some reason there was no one manning the water stop, so the cups were all still in a bag.  After the race I stood at the finish line handing out flyer's for the Boston Harvest and waiting for the results.

      I asked Chris B get my shirt from Clairton.  So I got two shirts today, but no medal.  I got 3rd in my age group but they only did top one.  I came in 9th place.  That is my 6th top ten finish this year. :o)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

West Newton 10k & 5k

     At some point in the race planning they changed the start times, but did not tell the timing company.  Thus the races were listed as 8:30 10k and 9:30 5k, but were really starting at 9:30/10:30.  A few 10kers made the mistake.  It was not a big deal, just a bad way to start the morning.
     Last year this race was just a 5k and it had two major problems.  One, they advertised top 2 in the age group, but when they did the awards it was just top 1.  Second they ran out of water.  So when my older daughter finished, she had no water.  They did not go and get more water, just told people to go to the ambulance because it had water.  I think those two things and the heat kept people from coming out.  There were a lot of faces from last year that were not there.  With the two races added together they were just below the number of runners from last year.  (per the posted results, 187 vs 200).  I hope that we have more luck with adding the 10k then they did. (Note: that there was also a 2 mile walk, but I don't know how many were in it)
     I started the 10k at a 7 minute pace, I really thought that I would have no problem getting a PR.  The heat  got to me.   I ended up finishing in 47:00.  It is a good time, but not a PR.  7:32 minute pace, i think.
     I was really thinking about not running the 5k because I was so hot.  I drank 2 bottles of water and decided to give it a try.  I was not pretty.  I walked a lot of it, finishing in 26:00.
     After the races I started heading out flyers for the Boston Harvest.  I got a lot of positive feedback, including meeting someone that is already signed up. lol
     It should be noted that the problems from last year were all fixed and that there was no problems this year.  I had two cases of water in my car, just in case.  :o)  The races were fun and I will be back next year.
Tech shirt! and 3rd in age group for the 10k!

Monday, May 13, 2013

5k in South Park

Boston Harvest Report:
     I decided to give online registration a try for the Boston Harvest 5k/10k this year.  We are already at 9 people and still 5 months out.  Most people will sign up in August/September.  I have a good feeling that we can beat last years number of runners.  We are also up to 50 sponsors now.  With the really awesome addition of Little Caesars in White Oak. "Pizza-Pizza".
Now the Race Report:
     This weekend's race was called Pittsburgh Officers Down 5k and was held in South Park.  I thought this was going to be like the other South Park races I have done and be on the road.  It was not.  It was a hilly trail race.  Surprise!  I was not pacing myself, so I had a little bit of trouble this time.  The first 1/2 mile was around a track, then up an old road for a quarter mile, then dropped us in the woods.  It was fun, but it was also difficult.  After mile 2 it was down hill trail, I was flying and almost took out the guy in front of me several times.  After that it was 1 more time around the track.  I finished in 21:54.  Still a good time.  5th place overall, 3rd in age group.
      Where is the medal in the picture?  The race director forgot to bring them...   They will be mailed...
        A local runner, the Pirate Parrot, and Jim Loo race director of the Run for Alex 5 mile.
Rochelle from the Pittsburgh Passion Football Team.  

Saturday, May 4, 2013

West Mifflin Titan Dash 5k

     In the last two weeks I have set PRs at  two races.  I knew that there was no way to keep that up, so I went to the Titan Dash 5k just because it is a nice little 5k that is close to home.
     Just like last year most of the runners were high school students.  After the first mile they started to get tired.  I past 10 or 12 of them and move into 4th place.  I was not looking at my garmin, so I did not know how fast or how slow I was going.  The course was four hills. The turn around was at the bottom of the biggest hill.  When I started back up the hill, the first female passed me.  I thought I could catch her.  I was wrong.  She was moving very fast.
     The water stop was at mile 2.  When I got there I was in 5th place.  I put my hand out to grab the water.  The volunteers had not yet put the water in the cups.  CRAP!  I kept running.  No time to waste.  I could hear someone behind me.  That kept me going.  I did not want to be passed as they were only doing first in the age group.  I finally looked at my garmin at 2.8 miles.  I was at 20 minutes.  WHAT???  I took off.  Finishing in 20:47.  A NEW PR!!!  3 races/3 weekends/3 PRS.  
Waterfront Chick-a-Fil Cow
     After the race someone came up to me and said "your race was so much better organized".  This was not the first time I have heard that, but it is still awesome!  lol