Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Trail Half Marathon

      Even though Sara came up with the idea for this race, she decided to do a different race this year.  She went and ran in North Coast 24.  It is a 24 hour ultra race where you run as many miles as you can on the same 1 mile loop.  Sounds fun, huh?  Not!  The kids and I stayed home.  Walking to a race sure beats driving 3 hours.
     The kids and Grandma did the 5k, 3rd year in a row.  They all got age group medals.  Not many kids did this race.  Probably because it was cold?  I ran the half marathon.  Last year this was my first half and I got hurt.  My left leg problem that has been bothering me ever since.

     I decided to run in shorts and a coat, knowing that I would drop the cloth somewhere and get it later.  I was planning on running a 1:45:00, but the pacers were 1:40:00 and 1:50:00.  I lined up behind the 1:40:00 and planned on keeping up as long as I could.  Jason Smith, my pacer from Spring Thaw was running next to my new pacer, Laura, a super perkie, great motivating, machine of a runner.  This girl kept the pace the whole time.  No jumping up and down with speeds.  Just nice and easy.  These two people and my desire for a new PR kept me going.
     I stayed neck and neck with my pacers for 9 1/2 miles.  The whole group we had was awesome.  Everyone kept talking and made the race go by faster.  There we about 10 of us any given point including the top 3 females.  It rained.  It snowed.  It hailed.  It got windy.  But that just made the running easier!
mile 1-7:29
mile 2-7:33
mile 3-7:33
mile 4-7:30
mile 5-7:31
mile 6-7:38   I could not believe that I was still moving at this pace and I was half there!
mile 7-7:36
mile 8-7:39
mile 9-7:33
     I dropped back from the front of the pacing group and just tried to keep up.  My left leg was hurting soo bad.  It started in the arch of my foot and worked up to the shin.
mile 10-7:40
mile 11-7:33
     Came to a complete stop twice.  Once to get my coat and a runner came up and past me, so I started again. Then at the last water stop.  Needed to walk off the pain.  Scott P, a volunteer, yelled that there was only 1 1/2 miles left.  Started running again.
mile 12-8:04
mile 13-8:30

     I finished in 1:40:59.  Four whole minutes faster then last year.  A new PR in my 7th half marathon.  Woot!  It has been a few days since the race and I am still sore, but getting better.

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