Saturday, April 6, 2013

Big Foot Half Marathon

     I preregistered for 9 races in the last two races.  I have to 2 more that I am waiting for the form to be sent out.  Normally I am a race day sign upper, but since becoming a race director I have learned just how important signing up early is for planning.  That and I like to get a shirt, preferably in the right size.
     This Saturday I went to Kittanning's YMCA Big Foot Half Marathon.  This was my 4th race there.  The race director and her volunteers (they might be paid, I don't know) are awesome!  Never any problems and I always medal.  I wish all of the races could go this smooth.
     This was a trail race like Yough Trail, but on the Allegheny River.  I went out too fast.  I really wanted to get a PR this time.  I came close.  I finished in 1:45:45.  My PR is 1:44:57.  I have another half marathon in 2 weeks so maybe then.
     I think doing a half 3 weeks after a full, plus the other 2 races I did was too much.  My left leg is killing me.  A lot of pain in the lower front right now.  Hopefully a good nights rest will fix some of it.    
Sara finished in 2:02:14
Scott S from up north somewhere finishing.  Sorry about the finger.
Cool to get my first green race shirt, but I thought "Big Foot" meant the monster, not a Big Foot...opps

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