Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring into Penn Township 5k

     Okay, so this race got screwed up.  But it was still fun.  A few people weren't happy, but was fun!  Here is what happened...
     The race organizers used a shoe lace timing chip.  The chips come in a small bag.  The bag was hooked to the race bag.  The race organizers forgot to tell people about the chips.  About half the folks did not put on the    Yes, I think it was funny...
      The course was said to be flat.  It was rolling hills with one big hill.  It was not bad.  Being how much my left leg hurts I thought this course would kick my butt though.  I was hoping for wishing for flat...
      I started out too fast and quickly slowed my pace down.  I knew that I had to take it easy or my leg would not let me finish.  The first hill was the big hill and I jogged up it and then took off down it.  I passed a guy that had beat me in age group before.  I counted myself in 10th place.  I really wanted a top 10 finish so I set my sights on the next two people in front of me.  I know that people would pass me later on, so I needed a strong place.
      I passed two of them, someone else passed me...this went on for a while.  I lost track of my place.  On the way back, I started running up the big hill....MISTAKE!   The pain hit me.  A guy passed me and I decided that I should walk the hill.  At the top I sucked it up and took off again.  I passed one guy and then I heard a fast runner coming up behind me.  I was NOT going to give up with out a fight.  I started going faster and faster and faster....I out ran them.  I hurt soo much, but my pride was happy.
     I finished in 21:19.  A new 5k PR.   I got two faster times, but the courses were short.
Not sure what the deal with the pink ribbon is...
Update:  From the race organizers
     An SUV driven by a lady that was unhappy about the road being closed drove over the timing mat.  This caused a 4 minute period where no one was being chip recorded. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Trail Half Marathon

      Even though Sara came up with the idea for this race, she decided to do a different race this year.  She went and ran in North Coast 24.  It is a 24 hour ultra race where you run as many miles as you can on the same 1 mile loop.  Sounds fun, huh?  Not!  The kids and I stayed home.  Walking to a race sure beats driving 3 hours.
     The kids and Grandma did the 5k, 3rd year in a row.  They all got age group medals.  Not many kids did this race.  Probably because it was cold?  I ran the half marathon.  Last year this was my first half and I got hurt.  My left leg problem that has been bothering me ever since.

     I decided to run in shorts and a coat, knowing that I would drop the cloth somewhere and get it later.  I was planning on running a 1:45:00, but the pacers were 1:40:00 and 1:50:00.  I lined up behind the 1:40:00 and planned on keeping up as long as I could.  Jason Smith, my pacer from Spring Thaw was running next to my new pacer, Laura, a super perkie, great motivating, machine of a runner.  This girl kept the pace the whole time.  No jumping up and down with speeds.  Just nice and easy.  These two people and my desire for a new PR kept me going.
     I stayed neck and neck with my pacers for 9 1/2 miles.  The whole group we had was awesome.  Everyone kept talking and made the race go by faster.  There we about 10 of us any given point including the top 3 females.  It rained.  It snowed.  It hailed.  It got windy.  But that just made the running easier!
mile 1-7:29
mile 2-7:33
mile 3-7:33
mile 4-7:30
mile 5-7:31
mile 6-7:38   I could not believe that I was still moving at this pace and I was half there!
mile 7-7:36
mile 8-7:39
mile 9-7:33
     I dropped back from the front of the pacing group and just tried to keep up.  My left leg was hurting soo bad.  It started in the arch of my foot and worked up to the shin.
mile 10-7:40
mile 11-7:33
     Came to a complete stop twice.  Once to get my coat and a runner came up and past me, so I started again. Then at the last water stop.  Needed to walk off the pain.  Scott P, a volunteer, yelled that there was only 1 1/2 miles left.  Started running again.
mile 12-8:04
mile 13-8:30

     I finished in 1:40:59.  Four whole minutes faster then last year.  A new PR in my 7th half marathon.  Woot!  It has been a few days since the race and I am still sore, but getting better.

Monday, April 15, 2013

A happier Note

     I applied for many ambassador programs over the years and I finally got accepted to one!  I am now a ambassador for HERA women's cancer foundation. There mission is to stop the loss of women from ovariam cancer by promoting Health, Empowerment, Research, and Awareness.  And for those of you that took Latin, Hera was the wife of the Greek God Zeus.
     In Team Brunazzi news... Members now get 15% at running warehouse.   How awesome is that??

Sometimes you get what you pay for...

     I signed up for a 5k because it was $15 and all the rest were $20-$35.  I like a good bargain.  I will not say that name of the race, because it was for a good cause and they did try...
     The problem with the race was the course.  It was not marked very well and the volunteers were not trained where the course want.  A blonde volunteer told the first 15-20 runners to "stay on the road along the lake".  The road followed the lake and then Y-d.  We were to go right, but the road to the left was "along the lake" so we were sent down a dead end street.  4-5 of them turned on to a dirt path, while the rest of us turned around.  A half mile later we followed a lightly colored arrow to a busy street.  Where there was no race.  Part way down the street most of the group turned off into the college to try and find the course, while I and 2 others turned farther up the street.  I got a great tour of a small town college.  I finished in 24:00, but I ran more than a 5k.
     The other problem was they ran out of water before the last people finished.  That's a huge no-no.  The people that finish later in a 5k need the water more.
     Somehow I got 1st in my age group, however we left before the awards were given out.. so no medal.
     I would say 3 of 5 stars for the race.  It was there first time, it was for a good cause, and I got to eat at Hoss's Steak House after the race.

The folks got me my medal a weeks later.   Thank you!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Big Foot Half Marathon

     I preregistered for 9 races in the last two races.  I have to 2 more that I am waiting for the form to be sent out.  Normally I am a race day sign upper, but since becoming a race director I have learned just how important signing up early is for planning.  That and I like to get a shirt, preferably in the right size.
     This Saturday I went to Kittanning's YMCA Big Foot Half Marathon.  This was my 4th race there.  The race director and her volunteers (they might be paid, I don't know) are awesome!  Never any problems and I always medal.  I wish all of the races could go this smooth.
     This was a trail race like Yough Trail, but on the Allegheny River.  I went out too fast.  I really wanted to get a PR this time.  I came close.  I finished in 1:45:45.  My PR is 1:44:57.  I have another half marathon in 2 weeks so maybe then.
     I think doing a half 3 weeks after a full, plus the other 2 races I did was too much.  My left leg is killing me.  A lot of pain in the lower front right now.  Hopefully a good nights rest will fix some of it.    
Sara finished in 2:02:14
Scott S from up north somewhere finishing.  Sorry about the finger.
Cool to get my first green race shirt, but I thought "Big Foot" meant the monster, not a Big Foot...opps