Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shamrock Marathon

   So Sara and I were traveling down to Virginia Beach for the Shamrock Marathon.  I was driving when I saw an odd sign on the highway near Hampton Roads,Va.  I read the sign aloud, "Tunnel Ahead, 3 miles."   Sara looks at me and replies, "so?".  I screamed, "do you see a mountain any where?!".  The tunnel, which I don't think should be called a tunnel, goes under the Chesapeake Bay.  You start out a bridge then dive down a huge hill under the water.  Very scary!  Surprisingly no one slows down like people do with the Squirrel Hill Tunnel here.  Weird...
(Same tunnel, but on the way back home)
     A day before the trip Sara let me in on the news that our bed had been given away.  See, Sara had us staying at her friend's house near Virginia Beach, but her friend was getting married the same day.  She had a bunch of guests staying at her house.   We got moved to the floor at the last minute.  No way!  I did a mad rush to get us a motel room.  I wanted a bed to sleep in before and after the marathon.  Especially after!   Needless to say, the motel was so-so.  But it was cheap and a bed.  
(I'm not sure if the lizard was going to hug someone or pop their head like a bug)
     The day before the marathon was 65 degrees and sunny.  However, marathon morning was cold, 43 degrees and very windy.  So much for going south for warmer weather.  The expo was not very busy but organized better then the one in Baltimore.  

      When I got to my starting corral I saw the 3:45 pacer.  I thought if I could stay with him for as long as I could and then slow down, I could get my goal time of 4 hours.  It did not work out that way.  I ran 3:45 for 18 miles!!  How cool is that.  It's a mini PR.  After that my legs quit.  I was finished.  My legs rebelled against me.  There was nothing I could do but hop and walk to the finish.  Mile 21-26 I could not run at all.  I finished in 4:12:51.  Not what I wanted but I finished.

     After the race my right leg cramped up to the point that I could not walk.  I had to drag my leg with me to the car.   Luckily Sara's friend who was doing the half marathon (which started 1 1/2 hrs before the marathon) had let us know about a super close parking lot.
mile 1-8:40
mile 2-8:08
mile 3-8:11
mile 4-8:06
mile 5-8:21
mile 6-8:21
mile 7-8:20
mile 8-8:15
mile 9-8:20
mile 10-8:30
mile 11-8:22
mile 12-8:37
mile 13-8:40 (Half way)
mile 14-9:15
mile 15-9:08
mile 16-9:57 (stopped for bathroom)
mile 17-9:12
mile 18-10:05
mile 19-9:20
mile 20-10:29
mile 21-11:47
mile 22-12:27
mile 23-12:09
mile 24-12:47
mile 25-13:04
mile 26-10:40
last 4 tenths-3:36 (course was long)
     The course was mostly all flat.  Just one hill which was a bridge over pass.  You run through two military bases and miles 10-12 are on the board walk.  Warning:  The board walk is the mostly difficult part.  Major cross wind coming down the coast slows you down.  All in all a great starter marathon.  I would run it again. Well the course, I don't know about running a marathon again..lol.

     Back home in PA.

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