Saturday, March 23, 2013

Post marathon race

     Even though I could not walk normally yet, I have been inching to run again.  I decided on a $1 race just to see how I would do.  I went out slow not knowing what to expect from my legs.  For the first two miles of the race my left leg was cramped up.  But it would work itself out.
Mile 1- 9:29
Mile 2- 8:55
     I came up on a road crossing with a county officer directing traffic.  He told me that I was number 9.  I looked at the lady in front of me and thought, "dude you can beat her".  I took off and ended up passing 3 people!
Mile 3- 7:32
Mile 4- 7:19
     The race was 4.3 miles.  I finished in 35:36.

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