Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yough Trail Race 10k

     This race has 3 races.  The organizers say 4, but one is just a walk.  It has a 5k, 10k, and 10 mile.  I drove there intending to run the 10 mile.  My left leg still hurts, so I decided as I was filling out the race day registration form to drop down to the 10k.
     They ran out of shirts before I got there.  Not that I need another shirt.  However they had us sign a form with our address, phone number, and shirt size.  Will they be ordering more shirts??  I don't know.  I over heard one of the volunteers say that they did not know what to expect. This was the 19th annual race...
     It was a great day for a race.  Spring finally showed up.   Chilly in the early AM then warm.  I choose shorts, long sleeve shirt, and gloves.  The 10k and 10 mile started together, so you did not know who it was you were racing.  My left leg felt fine, so I started passing people.
mile 1- 7:34
mile 2- 7:36
mile 3- 7:29
     At the turn around I realized how few people were in front of me.  I kept up my pace and worked on passing the 2 people how I could see in front of me.  I over took the first place female at mile 5.  I kept getting closer and closer to the next guy.  I think he knew I was there.  He kept going a little bit faster.  The end of the race was close and down hill.  I dropped it down to 6:11 mpm (minute per mile).  Flew past him and a dozen 5kers.  End time 46:34.   I thought I had PRed but I was wrong.   The first 10k I did back in November was faster.  Oh well.  It was still fun.  I ran strong and I could have run farther.
mile 4- 7:37
mile 5- 7:38
mile 6- 7:24
.22- 1.22     
   The race organizers decided to do away with age group medals this year.  I knew that going in.  I'm not a fan.  I would have got 1st in my age group.  The only plus is that after the race I could just leave.  I only went because it was on the Yough Trail.  I will run it again.  But I do not support not having medals.  

     Some of the Greater Allegheny Track Club
UPDATE 4/09/13  The shirt came in the mail!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Post marathon race

     Even though I could not walk normally yet, I have been inching to run again.  I decided on a $1 race just to see how I would do.  I went out slow not knowing what to expect from my legs.  For the first two miles of the race my left leg was cramped up.  But it would work itself out.
Mile 1- 9:29
Mile 2- 8:55
     I came up on a road crossing with a county officer directing traffic.  He told me that I was number 9.  I looked at the lady in front of me and thought, "dude you can beat her".  I took off and ended up passing 3 people!
Mile 3- 7:32
Mile 4- 7:19
     The race was 4.3 miles.  I finished in 35:36.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shamrock Marathon

   So Sara and I were traveling down to Virginia Beach for the Shamrock Marathon.  I was driving when I saw an odd sign on the highway near Hampton Roads,Va.  I read the sign aloud, "Tunnel Ahead, 3 miles."   Sara looks at me and replies, "so?".  I screamed, "do you see a mountain any where?!".  The tunnel, which I don't think should be called a tunnel, goes under the Chesapeake Bay.  You start out a bridge then dive down a huge hill under the water.  Very scary!  Surprisingly no one slows down like people do with the Squirrel Hill Tunnel here.  Weird...
(Same tunnel, but on the way back home)
     A day before the trip Sara let me in on the news that our bed had been given away.  See, Sara had us staying at her friend's house near Virginia Beach, but her friend was getting married the same day.  She had a bunch of guests staying at her house.   We got moved to the floor at the last minute.  No way!  I did a mad rush to get us a motel room.  I wanted a bed to sleep in before and after the marathon.  Especially after!   Needless to say, the motel was so-so.  But it was cheap and a bed.  
(I'm not sure if the lizard was going to hug someone or pop their head like a bug)
     The day before the marathon was 65 degrees and sunny.  However, marathon morning was cold, 43 degrees and very windy.  So much for going south for warmer weather.  The expo was not very busy but organized better then the one in Baltimore.  

      When I got to my starting corral I saw the 3:45 pacer.  I thought if I could stay with him for as long as I could and then slow down, I could get my goal time of 4 hours.  It did not work out that way.  I ran 3:45 for 18 miles!!  How cool is that.  It's a mini PR.  After that my legs quit.  I was finished.  My legs rebelled against me.  There was nothing I could do but hop and walk to the finish.  Mile 21-26 I could not run at all.  I finished in 4:12:51.  Not what I wanted but I finished.

     After the race my right leg cramped up to the point that I could not walk.  I had to drag my leg with me to the car.   Luckily Sara's friend who was doing the half marathon (which started 1 1/2 hrs before the marathon) had let us know about a super close parking lot.
mile 1-8:40
mile 2-8:08
mile 3-8:11
mile 4-8:06
mile 5-8:21
mile 6-8:21
mile 7-8:20
mile 8-8:15
mile 9-8:20
mile 10-8:30
mile 11-8:22
mile 12-8:37
mile 13-8:40 (Half way)
mile 14-9:15
mile 15-9:08
mile 16-9:57 (stopped for bathroom)
mile 17-9:12
mile 18-10:05
mile 19-9:20
mile 20-10:29
mile 21-11:47
mile 22-12:27
mile 23-12:09
mile 24-12:47
mile 25-13:04
mile 26-10:40
last 4 tenths-3:36 (course was long)
     The course was mostly all flat.  Just one hill which was a bridge over pass.  You run through two military bases and miles 10-12 are on the board walk.  Warning:  The board walk is the mostly difficult part.  Major cross wind coming down the coast slows you down.  All in all a great starter marathon.  I would run it again. Well the course, I don't know about running a marathon

     Back home in PA.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


   Okay, I admit it.  I did not believe in "taper madness".  I thought once the training was done.  I could just go back to normal running.   Nope!  I have a ton of extra energy.  I tiled the kitchen floor (something I have been putting off for 2 years) and cleaned out both the dining room and the garage.  Problem is?  I still have extra energy.  Luckily I quit most caffeine out of my diet or I would probably be adding a room on to the house.
   At the half marathon, 2 weeks ago, I re-hurt my left leg.  I had originally got hurt back in April of 2012.  I do not know what is wrong with it and no I have not went to a doctor about it.  I took it easy since the last race and the pain is almost gone.  I am going to run the marathon.  However I know that it is most likely that I will injure my leg again.  The pain is right at or below my left knee.
   Wish me luck and my next post will be Post-First-Marathon.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mill Creek Distance Classic Half Marathon

      I decide to go try the Mill Creek Half Marathon, even though I had be warned that it had 19 hills.

     The race was held 99 percent in a city park.  At one point you left to the park and crossed a bridge with traffic on one side.  It was very pretty and I tried to get someone photos as I was running.
     I did not sleep well the night before and awoke at 4am to drive to Ohio.  Sara was sick with a cold, so I made the trip alone.  It was a little quicker than I thought since there were no cars on the road yet. 
     The course was difficult.  The first mile was downhill and the last mile was back up that hill.  I struggled with the all but the first 2 hills and tried to make up time with the downhills and flats.   
     A good race put on by the Youngstown Road Runners.  Plenty of water stops and 400+ runners.  Free pasta meal at a local restaurant.  I was not able to attend, but anyone loves free food.
     Finished with a time of 1:54:10.   Not bad since I planned for a time over 2 hours.   The next race is the full marathon on St. Patrick's Day.