Sunday, February 10, 2013

second overall!!

    This has been a big week for the Boston Harvest.   The race gained five sponsors, bringing the total up to 31.
    This Saturday was race number 75.  This is important because I want my first marathon to be race number 77.   Lucky 77 for the Shamrock Shuffle on Saint Patrick's Day.  Hopefully it is good luck, right?
    The race is called the Kittanning 5k and I ran it last winter.  What I did not know until right before the race, was that this was only the second year for the race.  Looks like I now have another yearly race.  I liked  this last year.  However after the race, I found my dad had had a heart attack while I was running.  I stopped  running for a month, unsure if I should still race.
    The trail was icy and the weather was cold with a wind chill that made it feel like 11 degrees.  All that must have scared off people because only 32 other souls came out to run.
     At the horn I took second place behind a guy that looked faster than me.  I ran the first half in that place.  Going slow because of the ice.  I stopped at the turn around to drink some water and a girl passed me.  I spent the whole second half chasing after her.  I could have caught her in better trail conditions, but I kept slipping on the ice.  I finished in 23:04, second place male, third overall.

     Sunday Sara and I took to the streets of the township for 11.1 miles of hilly fun.  If you keep up with the blog, you might remember that I'm trying to quit drinking pepsi/caffeine.  I have made a lot of progress.  I moved from three 24 oz bottle and one 2 liter a day, down to one 24 oz bottle and one liter a day.  Yes, I know that is a lot.  On Saturday I went a big step forward I quit the liter.  I have decided on a maximum of one 24 oz bottle a day.  Needless to say I have been going through withdrawn. 

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