Saturday, February 16, 2013

One month to go

     My first marathon is only one month away.  I looked up a beginner training plan to see were I was with my training and I am no where close.  I do not have the time to run the distance miles that I need to do to train correctly.  I have a 20 mile race next weekend.  If I fail it badly, there is no point in going through with the marathon.  If I ever do this again, it will have to be when Sara is not training for her fastest marathon and a 100 mile race.  That way I can actually get more training in.  Oh and I should probably have a real training plan also. 
     This has not been a good week for training.  I did one 2 mile run where I was too sleepy to run and one 7 mile run.  I missed more days then I ran so far.  I either have too much to do at home or Sara's running.  There is just no time.
     I was suppose to do 15 miles with friends on the Yough River Trail today, but Sara has to work.  That leaves me indoors with the kids.  I will try to run on the tread mill... but 15 miles??  Time is the enemy of training.
     Caffeine update***  I made it 3 days with only one 24 oz Pepsi.  It was just not enough to get through the day yet.  I moved it up to one and 1/2 which sames to be working.  I do not have the need to drink more or go looking for it. 
     Caffeine withdrawl*** Sure, I have been moody. 
     Example: I was having a bad morning.  I came home to a sink full of dishes because Sara decided to cook up some healthy oatmeal thing.  There was laundry from the day before not put away and more laundry done in the dryer.  Trash piled up to go outside and dog wanting feed. Top that off with both kids waking up when I came in and needing help getting ready.  Needless to say I missed my ran and was really frustrated.  (note I'm a totally OCD freak)
    After I got the 7 y/o on the bus I drove the 2 y/o to grandma's house.  We almost got rear ended and I yelled somethings.  Nothing bad, but I should not have said it.  The 2 y/o asked me, "what's wrong dad-dee?".  That made me realized I was being stupid and that I needed to calm down.  When I got her out of the car I said "I love you".  She hugged me and whispered into my shoulder, "I love you, too".  That was just what I needed. 

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