Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring Thaw 20 miles

     Well first off (not to count my chickens before they hatch) I am starting to form Team Brunazzi into a non profit.  A lot more work ahead of me in the coming weeks sure.  But it will be worth it.
      I have changed my yearly race goal to just getting to race number 100.  That means only 30 races instead of 40.  But we will see.
      I signed up for a half marathon next weekend.  It is in Ohio so that will knock one more state off my list.  I have PA,WV, and MD so far.   My half followed training plan calls for 12 miles.  So I thought what the heck, I can do 13.1.  :o)   Unfortunately that makes that race number 77.  Oh well.
     Now on to race number 76, the Spring Thaw.  This race was 20 miles with 4 laps around a lake.  There were 1,200 people and the first thing that happened was I lost my group.  I started searching for them and then decided to stop moving, someone would have to walk by me.  I saw Sara first and then we starting toward the starting line because there were only 10 minutes left.  Next we found Chris and then Jason who was already at the 8 minute pacer sign.  Jason had agreed to pace me for the race and Chris said that he would run with us.  When the gun went off Chris took off like a deer running from a sound in the woods.  I had a feeling he would try to go too fast.  Well faster then I wanted to run for 20 miles.
     The first loop was good.  A bit faster then I wanted.  I was trying to stay at 8 to 8:30 for the whole race.
7:58 mile 1
7:54 mile 5

     Starting into the second lap, Jason told the pacer that he's shoe was untied and offered to carry the pacer sign.  I was still doing pretty good.  This was a good pace.
7:52 mile 6
8:00 mile 10
     Note how well I was doing and then...   Jason starting having trouble.  I was getting tired so a bit slower pace was fine with me.  Then out of no where he stops.   I stopped and he yelled for me to keep going.  I assumed he would catch up, but he never did.  He dropped from the race at mile 14.  I have to say, it was great having a personal pacer for 13 miles.  It's probably the only way I kept up at that pace.  By mile 15 I was starting to slow down.  I was tired and unmotivated and thinking about stopping.    Just then Allison, aka super runner, passed me and yelled "Shane!".  It is good to have someone cheering for you.  I need the boost.  She asked how I was doing, I replied "I'm doing bad".  I decided to keep going though.
8:11 mile 11
8:47 Pacer drops
10:05 mile 15

     After going through the check point I found a bathroom.  How do people run this far, drink that much water, but not have to go?  I was out of GU Energy Gel so I got one of the gels at the water stop.  Bad idea!  This was the worst tasting not off crap ever!  I love my GU!
    This was the, oh please let it over, part of the race.  I ran, I jogged, and I walked the hills.  I keep getting passed and then I would passed the same lady over and over.  I could not find the will power to get my pace back up for that long.  But I finished and that was the point, right?   Time of 2:56:50.
10:03 mile 16
10:17 mile 20
     Totally destroyed my legs from running that far.  Of course we had to walk another 1/2 mile to the car.  I have decided to go for the marathon.  Hopefully I can finish it!  Going for just over 4 hours.  

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