Saturday, February 2, 2013

Awesome week

     The week started off with getting the 26th sponsor for the Boston Harvest 5k/10k.  YA!  Then I decided to ask the Greater Pittsburgh Road Runners Club if I could organize a run/race for them.  And they say yes!  Presenting the P&LE Express 10 mile/4 mile.  Now I have more one "race" to add to my directors belt.          When I first started this blog the Mon-Yough Trail Council asked me to write a story for their newsletter.  Well today in the mail I got the newsletter and I am on the second page!   What an awesome week.
      Today I was suppose to run 12 miles on the trail.  It was going to be cold, no freezing.  The temp was 0.  Is that even a real temp?  I decided to man up and go out and do it.   It really was not that bad once you got moving.  Chris B brought two friends with him.  I thought we were going to do a long run, not speed work however...
     The guy did not look fast.  The girl was all legs.  She looked speedy.  Once we started out, I took off a layer and left it at a pavillion next to the trail because I was warm already.  We were running close to 7 minute miles.  I can't do that for 12 miles.  I started slowing down at mile 5.  But I kept up the rear.  At mile 6 I had hoped for a short break to catch my breath.  But NO the speeders turned around and kept going.
     I stopped for a few seconds and then caught up with them.  I held on until 7.8 miles.  I started slowing down, slowing down, stopping.  I walked a little, I ran a little.  I lost sight of my group.  I wondered if they even knew that I wasn't still behind them.  I finished 12 miles in 1:46:00.  I walked the whole last mile.  I was the only one the trail and I had totally lost my motivation.
     I was surprized to see Chris B and Steph waiting for me to finish at the trailhead.  I thought they had went home.  The good thing about the run is I did my fastest 10k. LOL.  It was still nice to run with people.  I miss racing every weekend though. 

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