Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring Thaw 20 miles

     Well first off (not to count my chickens before they hatch) I am starting to form Team Brunazzi into a non profit.  A lot more work ahead of me in the coming weeks sure.  But it will be worth it.
      I have changed my yearly race goal to just getting to race number 100.  That means only 30 races instead of 40.  But we will see.
      I signed up for a half marathon next weekend.  It is in Ohio so that will knock one more state off my list.  I have PA,WV, and MD so far.   My half followed training plan calls for 12 miles.  So I thought what the heck, I can do 13.1.  :o)   Unfortunately that makes that race number 77.  Oh well.
     Now on to race number 76, the Spring Thaw.  This race was 20 miles with 4 laps around a lake.  There were 1,200 people and the first thing that happened was I lost my group.  I started searching for them and then decided to stop moving, someone would have to walk by me.  I saw Sara first and then we starting toward the starting line because there were only 10 minutes left.  Next we found Chris and then Jason who was already at the 8 minute pacer sign.  Jason had agreed to pace me for the race and Chris said that he would run with us.  When the gun went off Chris took off like a deer running from a sound in the woods.  I had a feeling he would try to go too fast.  Well faster then I wanted to run for 20 miles.
     The first loop was good.  A bit faster then I wanted.  I was trying to stay at 8 to 8:30 for the whole race.
7:58 mile 1
7:54 mile 5

     Starting into the second lap, Jason told the pacer that he's shoe was untied and offered to carry the pacer sign.  I was still doing pretty good.  This was a good pace.
7:52 mile 6
8:00 mile 10
     Note how well I was doing and then...   Jason starting having trouble.  I was getting tired so a bit slower pace was fine with me.  Then out of no where he stops.   I stopped and he yelled for me to keep going.  I assumed he would catch up, but he never did.  He dropped from the race at mile 14.  I have to say, it was great having a personal pacer for 13 miles.  It's probably the only way I kept up at that pace.  By mile 15 I was starting to slow down.  I was tired and unmotivated and thinking about stopping.    Just then Allison, aka super runner, passed me and yelled "Shane!".  It is good to have someone cheering for you.  I need the boost.  She asked how I was doing, I replied "I'm doing bad".  I decided to keep going though.
8:11 mile 11
8:47 Pacer drops
10:05 mile 15

     After going through the check point I found a bathroom.  How do people run this far, drink that much water, but not have to go?  I was out of GU Energy Gel so I got one of the gels at the water stop.  Bad idea!  This was the worst tasting not off crap ever!  I love my GU!
    This was the, oh please let it over, part of the race.  I ran, I jogged, and I walked the hills.  I keep getting passed and then I would passed the same lady over and over.  I could not find the will power to get my pace back up for that long.  But I finished and that was the point, right?   Time of 2:56:50.
10:03 mile 16
10:17 mile 20
     Totally destroyed my legs from running that far.  Of course we had to walk another 1/2 mile to the car.  I have decided to go for the marathon.  Hopefully I can finish it!  Going for just over 4 hours.  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Longest Run to date

     Well, I set out to run 15 miles on the treadmill.  I pushed it to 17 miles. :o)  Felt good when I stopped running.  Now it hurts.  But it is okay.  Next weekend is the 20 mile race.  Four loops of 5 miles.  That will be the longest run before the marathon and the last big distance run.  Wish me luck, I am going to need it.

One month to go

     My first marathon is only one month away.  I looked up a beginner training plan to see were I was with my training and I am no where close.  I do not have the time to run the distance miles that I need to do to train correctly.  I have a 20 mile race next weekend.  If I fail it badly, there is no point in going through with the marathon.  If I ever do this again, it will have to be when Sara is not training for her fastest marathon and a 100 mile race.  That way I can actually get more training in.  Oh and I should probably have a real training plan also. 
     This has not been a good week for training.  I did one 2 mile run where I was too sleepy to run and one 7 mile run.  I missed more days then I ran so far.  I either have too much to do at home or Sara's running.  There is just no time.
     I was suppose to do 15 miles with friends on the Yough River Trail today, but Sara has to work.  That leaves me indoors with the kids.  I will try to run on the tread mill... but 15 miles??  Time is the enemy of training.
     Caffeine update***  I made it 3 days with only one 24 oz Pepsi.  It was just not enough to get through the day yet.  I moved it up to one and 1/2 which sames to be working.  I do not have the need to drink more or go looking for it. 
     Caffeine withdrawl*** Sure, I have been moody. 
     Example: I was having a bad morning.  I came home to a sink full of dishes because Sara decided to cook up some healthy oatmeal thing.  There was laundry from the day before not put away and more laundry done in the dryer.  Trash piled up to go outside and dog wanting feed. Top that off with both kids waking up when I came in and needing help getting ready.  Needless to say I missed my ran and was really frustrated.  (note I'm a totally OCD freak)
    After I got the 7 y/o on the bus I drove the 2 y/o to grandma's house.  We almost got rear ended and I yelled somethings.  Nothing bad, but I should not have said it.  The 2 y/o asked me, "what's wrong dad-dee?".  That made me realized I was being stupid and that I needed to calm down.  When I got her out of the car I said "I love you".  She hugged me and whispered into my shoulder, "I love you, too".  That was just what I needed. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

second overall!!

    This has been a big week for the Boston Harvest.   The race gained five sponsors, bringing the total up to 31.
    This Saturday was race number 75.  This is important because I want my first marathon to be race number 77.   Lucky 77 for the Shamrock Shuffle on Saint Patrick's Day.  Hopefully it is good luck, right?
    The race is called the Kittanning 5k and I ran it last winter.  What I did not know until right before the race, was that this was only the second year for the race.  Looks like I now have another yearly race.  I liked  this last year.  However after the race, I found my dad had had a heart attack while I was running.  I stopped  running for a month, unsure if I should still race.
    The trail was icy and the weather was cold with a wind chill that made it feel like 11 degrees.  All that must have scared off people because only 32 other souls came out to run.
     At the horn I took second place behind a guy that looked faster than me.  I ran the first half in that place.  Going slow because of the ice.  I stopped at the turn around to drink some water and a girl passed me.  I spent the whole second half chasing after her.  I could have caught her in better trail conditions, but I kept slipping on the ice.  I finished in 23:04, second place male, third overall.

     Sunday Sara and I took to the streets of the township for 11.1 miles of hilly fun.  If you keep up with the blog, you might remember that I'm trying to quit drinking pepsi/caffeine.  I have made a lot of progress.  I moved from three 24 oz bottle and one 2 liter a day, down to one 24 oz bottle and one liter a day.  Yes, I know that is a lot.  On Saturday I went a big step forward I quit the liter.  I have decided on a maximum of one 24 oz bottle a day.  Needless to say I have been going through withdrawn. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Awesome week

     The week started off with getting the 26th sponsor for the Boston Harvest 5k/10k.  YA!  Then I decided to ask the Greater Pittsburgh Road Runners Club if I could organize a run/race for them.  And they say yes!  Presenting the P&LE Express 10 mile/4 mile.  Now I have more one "race" to add to my directors belt.          When I first started this blog the Mon-Yough Trail Council asked me to write a story for their newsletter.  Well today in the mail I got the newsletter and I am on the second page!   What an awesome week.
      Today I was suppose to run 12 miles on the trail.  It was going to be cold, no freezing.  The temp was 0.  Is that even a real temp?  I decided to man up and go out and do it.   It really was not that bad once you got moving.  Chris B brought two friends with him.  I thought we were going to do a long run, not speed work however...
     The guy did not look fast.  The girl was all legs.  She looked speedy.  Once we started out, I took off a layer and left it at a pavillion next to the trail because I was warm already.  We were running close to 7 minute miles.  I can't do that for 12 miles.  I started slowing down at mile 5.  But I kept up the rear.  At mile 6 I had hoped for a short break to catch my breath.  But NO the speeders turned around and kept going.
     I stopped for a few seconds and then caught up with them.  I held on until 7.8 miles.  I started slowing down, slowing down, stopping.  I walked a little, I ran a little.  I lost sight of my group.  I wondered if they even knew that I wasn't still behind them.  I finished 12 miles in 1:46:00.  I walked the whole last mile.  I was the only one the trail and I had totally lost my motivation.
     I was surprized to see Chris B and Steph waiting for me to finish at the trailhead.  I thought they had went home.  The good thing about the run is I did my fastest 10k. LOL.  It was still nice to run with people.  I miss racing every weekend though.