Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Harmony Silvester

Happy Year Eve Folks!
     I started running in 2010.  Here is a recap of miles by year.
2010- 52.1 miles
2011-328.31 miles
2012-774.08 miles
Will I break 1,000 in 2013?

     The Monday was the Harmony 5k. Race number 70!   Sara and I have done this race every year.  They have food, a New Year's party, and a race.   This year the "party" really did not happen because of the snow and cold, but it was still fun.  We got to see Krista T, Mitch R, the Tokars, and a got my picture with the Big Beaver Big Dawgs.
      They straighted the course this year.  So the run was a little different.  I had a worse time, 23:05, than last year.  I got 22:11 last year.  Could I have done better? Maybe.  This coming Saturday I will be back out racing again, so we will see.
       Sara wanted to warm up, so I run with her.  Next I know we had done the whole course and the race was starting in 10 minutes.  I ditched my pants, due to over heating.  It was 32 degree with 14 mph winds.  As we were running I lost the gloves, then the hat, and finally the coat.  It was just too
much.  The end was a small up hill finish where I passed the two people ahead of me.
      Definitely will be back next year.   They have super cool tech shirts.

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