Monday, January 7, 2013

Run to Read Half Marathon

     After having a month off from racing, I just ran two 5k's and a half marathon in seven days.  Somehow I did not realize how close together they all were.  It's no wonder my legs are beat up.  This was my 4th half and the 3rd time I decided to do a half with less than a week before. 

     The race was just off the interstate in Fairmont, WV.  Only took 1 hr 45 minutes to get there, so the trip was not to bad.   No snow, no rain, a little wind, and definitely cold.  The course was mostly flat.  It had an up hill grade for 4 miles and a few little ups and downs.  Oh and it had a railroad bridge to run across and a quarter mile railroad tunnel to run in. Which was totally cool!  But it screwed up the GPS.

     It was 2 1/2 miles out one way of the trail and back.  This was the worst part for me.  Right after mile one the front of my right leg was shooting pain in me.  It got so bad by mile three I was dead set on quiting.  I did not see any way to run 10 more miles.  Should I have quit? Probably to save myself from injury before the marathon...but that is not how I roll.  I downed a GU gel and Gatorade at the 4 1/2 mile water stop.  I walked just long enough to not spill it on myself and then started running again.

     Either the pain stopped for the rest of the race and returned when I stopped running or I convinced myself it was not there.   I ran a steady 8:15 pace for six miles.  This part of the race was along the river and ran though some backwoods towns.  Interesting note:  There two stop signs on the trail. However no road crossing was there?

    The last two miles I was tired.  I lost a minute and half because I this.  The race was good.  I would do it again.  They had yummy chili after words.   

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