Saturday, January 5, 2013

Odyssey 5k

     This was a late morning race.  Good idea for winter races because is lets the sun warm up first.  It was 27 degree but felt like 18.  I talked with the police chief of Mon City, nice guy, while waiting for the start.  The start was snow and ice for about 25 feet.  Yuck!

     I ran straight for 2 tenths of a mile and then the first of 27 turns.  This turn was also the first of many steep hills.  It was followed by a hill, a turn, and a hill.  Luckily that was it for the hill, or so I thought... I quick drop down and then it flatted out.  Mile 1 to 1.6 was easy then came hill # 4.  I ran, be it slow, up the hill.  At the top of the hill was a group of volunteers, one of them yelled, "you can do better".  I bit my tongue and kept on going. I don't remember hill # 4.  Soon enough it was hill # 5, which became hill # 6, which turned right on into hill # 7!!  Would they every end?  No, my friend, no.  At hill #8 I walked, I didn't care at that point.  At mile 2.6 I ran right up to the finish line and... TURNED up hill #9.  Damn it, I thought.  Around a loop and down to the finish.  22:58/19th overall/3rd in AG.
     After the race I downed a slice of pizza.  But the way they had 15 feet of hot food to choose from!  Then I headed back to the finish line where Sara was tearing off bib numbers.  One the last people to finish was an older gentleman who did not want to let Sara have the number.  He was having trouble breathing and Sara give him some advice.  He shot back with a, "I was a coach, you don't have to tell me". We also got to meet a cool photographer that works for the Tribune.
      I headed home to relax.   Tomorrow, half marathon number 4. Woot!

PS. Sara came home after 6 hours of volunteering with my 3rd place age group medal! 

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