Sunday, January 13, 2013

Frigid 5 Mile

     The weekend started off with a planned 6 mile run on the Yough River Trail in West Newton.  With 60 degree weather in January, I could not pass it up.  However the trail had other ideas.  It was covered in inch thick ICE!  I surveyed the area while I waited for Chris from Team Odyssey to arrive.  We ended up running all 6 miles on the grass side of the trail and some on the trail.  Slow going at 8:45 average pace.
     On Sunday I got up at 5am for the Frigid 5 Mile race.  YUCK!  I got to North Park at 7:20.  Walked up the mile long hill and found my bib/chip/race bag.
     Sara left at this point to do 10 miles around the lake.  I started walking down the mile hill to the car.  No less than 5 people walking up the hill said, "race is the other way".   Funny, right?  On the way down I ran into Louis and his girlfriend.  She's not a runner, yet!  I changed out of my jacket and pants and got ready to go back up.   Melanie and her friend walked by and I started back up the hill with them.  Over half way to the top I realized that I had forgotten my Garmin in the car.   I decided to run with out it.  
     At the top I found an area to hang out and Jason walked by and asked me where to get his chip.  I waited a little longer than moved to the start line.  I was one of the first people there.
     The race started and I was running next to Louis who runs an 18 minute 5k.  I dropped back a little bit.  I'm pretty sure I was running at least a 7 minute mile for the first 2 miles.  Right before the big drop down hill, Jason ran by me and yelled, "Come on Shane".  It was a needed boost.  The next 2 miles were small rolling hills.    Right after mile 4 was the mile hill.   Up, up... and UP!  I walked then ran, then repeated up the hill.  Close to the crest of the hill I could see the finish line.  I took off and screamed, "COME ON PEOPLE, THAT'S THE END."  A group of 10 people both in front and behind me started gunning it in.  If you look at the results, we are all a second apart, with some on the same time.
     It was a fun race.  I ran it in 2011 in 47 minutes.  This year I did it in 38:56, so big improvement.  My goal time was 38 minutes.  Next year I'll get it. NO I'll BEAT 38 minutes!  
     All I could find was pancakes and bananas, I wanted sugar..LOL.  I headed out to find Sara and go home.  

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