Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow Run

     Normally I write alot and post one or two pictures.  I think this time the photos speak for themselves.   Sara and I ran 10 miles with Jason S, Chris B, and 9 other nuts in the snow.  Then we went back out for another mile to get more pictures!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

     I am not really taking marathon training seriously.  I plan to run and finish, but no more.  I don't really like the idea of running for hours.  Who knows what will happen.   I didn't want to run a half marathon either and now I have done four.  Still two months away from the marathon and one 20 mile race planned.  I did 28 miles for the week.

     This Saturday I ran with the folks at Team Odyssey.   I did 9.4 road miles with Chris who runs a little fast than me at races.  After I finished I waited in the car while Sara was working on doing 18 miles.  She came back to the car after I had been there for a half hour and asked if I would run 1 to 1.5 trail miles with her.  I agreed and we started out.  At about 1 mile she says, "I'm sure glad I don't have to run these last 3-4 miles by myself.  What?!  What happened to 1 to 1.5??  Oh well.  We did 4.3 so I got over 13 in.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Frigid 5 Mile

     The weekend started off with a planned 6 mile run on the Yough River Trail in West Newton.  With 60 degree weather in January, I could not pass it up.  However the trail had other ideas.  It was covered in inch thick ICE!  I surveyed the area while I waited for Chris from Team Odyssey to arrive.  We ended up running all 6 miles on the grass side of the trail and some on the trail.  Slow going at 8:45 average pace.
     On Sunday I got up at 5am for the Frigid 5 Mile race.  YUCK!  I got to North Park at 7:20.  Walked up the mile long hill and found my bib/chip/race bag.
     Sara left at this point to do 10 miles around the lake.  I started walking down the mile hill to the car.  No less than 5 people walking up the hill said, "race is the other way".   Funny, right?  On the way down I ran into Louis and his girlfriend.  She's not a runner, yet!  I changed out of my jacket and pants and got ready to go back up.   Melanie and her friend walked by and I started back up the hill with them.  Over half way to the top I realized that I had forgotten my Garmin in the car.   I decided to run with out it.  
     At the top I found an area to hang out and Jason walked by and asked me where to get his chip.  I waited a little longer than moved to the start line.  I was one of the first people there.
     The race started and I was running next to Louis who runs an 18 minute 5k.  I dropped back a little bit.  I'm pretty sure I was running at least a 7 minute mile for the first 2 miles.  Right before the big drop down hill, Jason ran by me and yelled, "Come on Shane".  It was a needed boost.  The next 2 miles were small rolling hills.    Right after mile 4 was the mile hill.   Up, up... and UP!  I walked then ran, then repeated up the hill.  Close to the crest of the hill I could see the finish line.  I took off and screamed, "COME ON PEOPLE, THAT'S THE END."  A group of 10 people both in front and behind me started gunning it in.  If you look at the results, we are all a second apart, with some on the same time.
     It was a fun race.  I ran it in 2011 in 47 minutes.  This year I did it in 38:56, so big improvement.  My goal time was 38 minutes.  Next year I'll get it. NO I'll BEAT 38 minutes!  
     All I could find was pancakes and bananas, I wanted sugar..LOL.  I headed out to find Sara and go home.  

Monday, January 7, 2013

Run to Read Half Marathon

     After having a month off from racing, I just ran two 5k's and a half marathon in seven days.  Somehow I did not realize how close together they all were.  It's no wonder my legs are beat up.  This was my 4th half and the 3rd time I decided to do a half with less than a week before. 

     The race was just off the interstate in Fairmont, WV.  Only took 1 hr 45 minutes to get there, so the trip was not to bad.   No snow, no rain, a little wind, and definitely cold.  The course was mostly flat.  It had an up hill grade for 4 miles and a few little ups and downs.  Oh and it had a railroad bridge to run across and a quarter mile railroad tunnel to run in. Which was totally cool!  But it screwed up the GPS.

     It was 2 1/2 miles out one way of the trail and back.  This was the worst part for me.  Right after mile one the front of my right leg was shooting pain in me.  It got so bad by mile three I was dead set on quiting.  I did not see any way to run 10 more miles.  Should I have quit? Probably to save myself from injury before the marathon...but that is not how I roll.  I downed a GU gel and Gatorade at the 4 1/2 mile water stop.  I walked just long enough to not spill it on myself and then started running again.

     Either the pain stopped for the rest of the race and returned when I stopped running or I convinced myself it was not there.   I ran a steady 8:15 pace for six miles.  This part of the race was along the river and ran though some backwoods towns.  Interesting note:  There two stop signs on the trail. However no road crossing was there?

    The last two miles I was tired.  I lost a minute and half because I this.  The race was good.  I would do it again.  They had yummy chili after words.   

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Odyssey 5k

     This was a late morning race.  Good idea for winter races because is lets the sun warm up first.  It was 27 degree but felt like 18.  I talked with the police chief of Mon City, nice guy, while waiting for the start.  The start was snow and ice for about 25 feet.  Yuck!

     I ran straight for 2 tenths of a mile and then the first of 27 turns.  This turn was also the first of many steep hills.  It was followed by a hill, a turn, and a hill.  Luckily that was it for the hill, or so I thought... I quick drop down and then it flatted out.  Mile 1 to 1.6 was easy then came hill # 4.  I ran, be it slow, up the hill.  At the top of the hill was a group of volunteers, one of them yelled, "you can do better".  I bit my tongue and kept on going. I don't remember hill # 4.  Soon enough it was hill # 5, which became hill # 6, which turned right on into hill # 7!!  Would they every end?  No, my friend, no.  At hill #8 I walked, I didn't care at that point.  At mile 2.6 I ran right up to the finish line and... TURNED up hill #9.  Damn it, I thought.  Around a loop and down to the finish.  22:58/19th overall/3rd in AG.
     After the race I downed a slice of pizza.  But the way they had 15 feet of hot food to choose from!  Then I headed back to the finish line where Sara was tearing off bib numbers.  One the last people to finish was an older gentleman who did not want to let Sara have the number.  He was having trouble breathing and Sara give him some advice.  He shot back with a, "I was a coach, you don't have to tell me". We also got to meet a cool photographer that works for the Tribune.
      I headed home to relax.   Tomorrow, half marathon number 4. Woot!

PS. Sara came home after 6 hours of volunteering with my 3rd place age group medal! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Harmony Silvester

Happy Year Eve Folks!
     I started running in 2010.  Here is a recap of miles by year.
2010- 52.1 miles
2011-328.31 miles
2012-774.08 miles
Will I break 1,000 in 2013?

     The Monday was the Harmony 5k. Race number 70!   Sara and I have done this race every year.  They have food, a New Year's party, and a race.   This year the "party" really did not happen because of the snow and cold, but it was still fun.  We got to see Krista T, Mitch R, the Tokars, and a got my picture with the Big Beaver Big Dawgs.
      They straighted the course this year.  So the run was a little different.  I had a worse time, 23:05, than last year.  I got 22:11 last year.  Could I have done better? Maybe.  This coming Saturday I will be back out racing again, so we will see.
       Sara wanted to warm up, so I run with her.  Next I know we had done the whole course and the race was starting in 10 minutes.  I ditched my pants, due to over heating.  It was 32 degree with 14 mph winds.  As we were running I lost the gloves, then the hat, and finally the coat.  It was just too
much.  The end was a small up hill finish where I passed the two people ahead of me.
      Definitely will be back next year.   They have super cool tech shirts.