Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why no kids race or fun race?

     I have been to many 5ks with separate kids' races.  What I see happen most often is kids are not ready for the "i didn't win".   You end up with some kids not happy and at least one kid crying. 
     I originally decided not to add a kids' race because of the added detail and confusion to planning it.  I wanted to keep the 5k simple for the first year.  However, I start paying close attention to the kids' races when I was at other 5ks so that I could be able to plan one.
    What I ended up doing at my 5k is:
  • Letting the parents decide if they wanted their kids' chip timed
  • Allow the kids and parents who were not timed, to turn around at any point
  • All kids received a medal when they finished (regardless of how far they did)
    This worked, at least for my race.   I did not have any tears or hurt feelings.  The kids were able to do the best for their ability and age.  If they wanted to race the 5k, they could.
     Every kid got to get outside and participate.  Every kid got a medal.  Every kid had a smile.   That's a win in my book.

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