Monday, December 3, 2012

First of Three

     My plan was to run the Coldman 5k this weekend.  It is now called the Jingle Bell Run because of a new sponsor.  The weather was looking great (for winter!) and I was training good.  So I thought about doing two races this weekend.  Then one morning it hit me, I could do three!!
     Let me explain.  On Sunday is the annual Trot for tots race in Oakdale.  They have a 5k and 10k that start at different times.  So you can, if you want, do both.  The only problem with this plan is that Sara and Ash have been sick.  So has Thursday came around I started to get it.  By Friday night I was in the midst of a full blown cold. 
     Last year I said no more two plus hour drives to 5ks. Saturday morning I was driving two plus hours to Oil City. (Will I ever learn?)  When I got there the parking lot was pretty empty.  I was hoping the other race that day in Volant pulled most of the fast runners.  I was right.  Sort of...  The field was full of two area cross country teams.  Out of only 83 runners I came in 15th with a time of 21:46.  12 people were 20 minutes or under.  Damn!
     As the race was getting ready to start I saw Doug B was there.  If you run in south western pa you have seen him.  He is at like every race.  He wear bright yellow or orange shoes and runs like a duck.  Which reminds me.. right before the start, the race director Steve Hinds said, "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, it's ICE!".  He was referring to the black ice on the trail.  I also got the privilege of seeing and talking with the great Steve S.  If you follow Sara's blog you know him as "Mr. Annoying".  He really is a nice guy.  He just thinks he knows about everything and has to tell you about it.
     I ran the race in shorts, no gloves, hat, or jacket.  The race was along the Allegheny River and it was really cold.  I should have at least worn gloves. 
     Was it fun? Sure. The only thing that I did not like was the cardboard bibs. Mine riped was I was running. I did not like the two plus hour drive though.

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