Monday, December 3, 2012

And two more makes three!

     The alarm clock went off at 5:45am.  I got up, coughed up a lung, and then thought, "I don't want to do this".  I got dressed and headed out.  I started this and I needed to finish it.
     When I got to the race there was only a couple runners and the volunteers.  I was a little bit early.  I walked up to Michelle F and got my bib and tech shirt.  The timing company was not there yet, so I sat down to wait for the timing chips.  Michael T walked in and talked with me for a bit.  Once the chips were ready, I got mine, and headed out to the car to be sick.
This was my 3rd Trot for Tots year.
     I'm not sure where the next hour went to.  I downed a few GU's then changed from long to short sleeve shirts and back again several times.  It was warm outside but I was freezing.  I decided on the long sleeve.  I went at 20 minutes til and stood around coughing and shaking. 
     The first race was the 5k.  I got in the middle of the pack as I didn't want to get pooled into running fast.  I needed to save my strength for the 10k.  I did okay.  I kept at a 8 minute pace, however the course was short at 2.7 miles.  I got a time of 21:01!..LOL
     After the race I hit the head, downed a bottle of water and another GU, plus changed shirts AGAIN!  Then I headed to the start to wait.  Once the crowd showed up.  I got to talk to Michael T, Mitch R, Charlie W, and Mallery S. 
     For the first three miles I was good, 7:30 minute miles.   But I couldn't hold on to it.  The sick got the best of me.  I stopped at the water station.  After that I ran slower, and walked a few times.  I just wanted to finish.  I got 50: something.
     I went to look at my times, ate some soup and a cookie. (I took a cookie for the girls too) Then decided to drive to North Park where Sara was doing a training run.  We ate at the North Park Club House.  Sara likes it.  I think the wait staff is stuck up and the food,well the meat, is always over cooked.
Recap... Jingle Bell Run 5k, Trot for Tots 5k, and Trot for Tots 10k, all in one weekend.

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