Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Break

     All year long I have been racing, trying to break last year's record of 30 races.  After doing 3 races in one weekend I am currently at 36.  I decided to take the rest of December off.  Since the other races were on the 1st and 2nd this seemed perfect.
     I have been putting in more training miles since Sara convinced me to do a marathon in Mid-March.  This Sunday I went with her, some friends, and their friends for a long run in North Park.  The most that I have ever run is 13.1 miles.  Most of them were planning on running at least 15 miles.  I was shooting for 10.
     The night before, Sara and I went out to eat.  We ended up at Quaker Steak & Lube.  I had never been there before but the place we wanted to go was too busy.  I was going to order ribs and fries, but at the last minute, with the waitess taking the order, I changed it up.  I ordered wings, 30,000 on the hot scale.   Sara said "Why did you do that?".  I have been eating buffalo sauce, I can take it.
     When the wings arrived they smelled more like car parts than food.  I dug in.  1 wing, 2 wings, 3 wings...  HOT!!!!!    "Excuse me, could I get some water?"  I swear the waitress took 5 minutes to bring it back.  I ate a few more and then said, "That's it. I'm done."  
     I think that I learned my lesson.  Needless to say my stomach was not a happy camper.
     We got to North Park and waited for the rest of the group.   I started out with the guys at a 7:30 minute per mile pace, which shouldn't have been a problem.  However, after a mile or 2 of shaking my stomach I needed a break.  I finished the rest of the first 5 miles at a 8 minute pace, restocked at the car and then headed back out.
     I was running alone, again.  Three miles later I saw Sara and Scott P. running the loop backwards.  I turned around and ran with them back 3 miles.  I was tired of running alone even if they were running slow.  Back at the parking lot Scott P. finished at 10 miles.  Everyone else was done with 10-15 miles, so I decided to run 5 more with Sara. 
     Mile 12 was good, mile 13 was not.  The other 3 miles were me complaining, "This is going to hurt tomorrow."  But I did it.  I finished with a total of 16.5 miles.  Then Sara and I went to get ribs and steak.

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