Thursday, November 8, 2012


     What training plan do I use?  Well, honestly.. I do not use one.   With my work schedule and the kids, I run when I can.  I normally always run in the AM before the kids get up except on the weekends when I normally race.
     When I first started running, probably  for six-eight months, I ran in jeans.   Yes, jeans.   I would do one mile.  I did not get any faster or better.  Then I moved up to running 1.5 miles, in jeans.   Then I finally bought shorts in run in. 
     Almost a year later I told Sara that I was not getting any faster.  She said I needed to up my miles.   A few days later we were at the Apollo Fight for Life 5k, a pre thanksgiving race.  After the race we sat in a crowd church at a table with some of Sara's trail friends.  One of them, Phillip, said that the only way to get faster is to up your miles and change your training.  I didn't need to be told twice.  Okay, well... kinda I guess I did...
     I started running two miles, then 2.5 miles.   I added more running days and by spring I was doing a long run on the weekend.  Soon I was running 3.1 miles five days a week with either a race or a long run on the weekend.  STOP!   What's a long run?  Good question.  A long run for me was six-ten miles.  And tt still is!  I was hitting between 18-30 miles a week.  Why the difference?  Because life would not always let the run time in.
     I have not being running as must as I should since late September.  I decided after over racing the last few weeks that this week was go time!   I upped my run to at least 4 miles at a time.   I need to work on endurance.   I did not want to be tired and out of breath from a 5k.
     See you at the races!

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