Monday, November 5, 2012


     When I decided to take on planning my first 5k,(with only five months) I knew that I would need money.  Money for timing, insurance, medals, water, etc.   I somehow thought I could do it with $1,500.   But the more I planned, the more I needed.  I wanted not to have just some "run of the mill" race, but something people talking about and came back to.  In the end I was $200+ in the hole.
     I got it in my head that I wanted to do custom medals.  Not the stickers add to a medal, but the kind that you would get at a marathon.  A one of a kind, almost coin like medal.  That set the race back a bit.  But it was worth it.  The medals were beautiful.

     I had set up the sponsorship form so that there was no minimum.  A business could give whatever it could.  From a gift card or t-shirt all the way up to $500.  It must have worked as I got over 70 businesses to sponsor the race.  I was worried that no one would take the top level.  However Vista Metals, a local company stepped in.
Barrel of Apples Sponsor Level- $500
Business name on back of t-shirt in large print & on any ads & banners as “presented by”.
Pumpkin Patch Sponsor Level- $250
Business name on back of t-shirt & on any advertisements
Corn Stalk Sponsor Level- $100
Business name on back of t-shirt
Leaf Sponsor Level-Donation of item or gift card for raffle (under $100)
 Business name on sign on race day
     I googled "sponsorship forms" when I was making mine up.  It helped me get ideas and a feel for the layout.   One of the things that I noticed was a lot of the races had high sponsor levels in the thousands of dollars.   I could not wrap my head around a company doing that for a 5k.  I guess that is why most races have only a few sponsors.
     I got one sponsor for every twenty that I asked.  I will leave you to do the math.  It was a lot of hard work.  Especially getting stuff like food items picked up before the race.  I ended up taking a week off of work just to do the finally planning and pick ups.
    This year I started early.  I have been trying to focus on new sponsors.  The idea being the hopefully a lot of the old sponsors will return.  Now that I know what I am doing.  The race planning should be alot easy.
Did you have a business and want to sponsor the Boston Harvest 5k/10k in 2013?
Would you like to be a volunteer?  (yes, you get a shirt)
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