Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Everyone Has One

     Everyone has a vise.  Mine is caffeine.  I do not drink coffee.  I go for the ice cold refreshment, called Pepsi.  I started drinking Pepsi pretty heavy in my later teens.  A few weeks ago I decide enough as enough.   I need to get healthy.

     No I did not quit cold turkey or swear off caffeine altogether.   What I did was to decide to slowly  cut back.  Two weeks ago I had taking one liter and a 6-pack out of my weekly diet.  This past Saturday was my first full day without caffeine.  What about Sunday??  I tried. I made it a few hours before I caved it.
     The great thing about running is that when I run, I don't have the I need caffeine feeling.  My end goal is to have less caffeine.  I just want it to not be the first time I have to have everyday.

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